Monday, June 29, 2009

The PawPals Movement

While we, domesticated dogs have the luxury of good food daily, shelter, & love from our humans... lets not forget abt the many many strays out there, as well as the many LESS fortunate strays...

Mom & Dad have decided to feed some strays every weekday after our 5km to 7km morning jog. We call it, "The PawPals Movement"!

This particular pack of strays reside in a pretty deserted place. It's a small pack of 3 Adults (1 dog, 2 bitches), & 3 Puppies!

this is the Alpha Male in the pack which also happens to be the ONLY 1 that's not afraid of humans. We call him Frown.

Frown with bitch no. 1.

we fed them (sample-pack) kibbles the last time we were there

even the pigeons were hungry!

We were there again today after our run. Only this time, NO MORE KIBBLES! We obtain unwanted duck/chicken parts from some stall-holders whom we know of, & they were kind enough to give them to us for the strays =]

some of the many ducks for them. Although they're marinated, its still better than kibbles as Mutts have been surviving on these foods til this day before kibbles were even invented.

"Ratatouille?!" feedin time!!

we assume they're father & son

look @ the pups whackin the huge duck neck!

this is the skinny & bald one. the 1 whackin the duck in the above pix

"don't be fooled by my size! I can handle the duckie! GRRR!!"

& there goes the pup carryin his prize everywhere happily. "I've got a duck, I've got a duck!!!"

this is another pup. the odd colored 1 amongst the 3 of them

enjoy everyone! & we'll be back tomorrow with more goodies

These strays are already more fortunate than some others out there. Those are the ones sufferin in silence. Literally.

an example of 1 rescued stray named Kiwi from ASD. (credits to Doggiesite)

totally disturbin as to how a living creature's able to take such pain

For ppl who'd like to donate to help less fortunate strays like these (medical fees etc)... please visit ASD or any other animal shelters in Singapore.

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