Sunday, July 1, 2007

@ Pawtobello again

some pix to share @ Pawtobello's again. this time, i met many many new friends! my fav - BIRDS!! mom's online fwen (Muffin) brought along her birds, & her other fwens brought other big big nice nice birds for me to play! there were 2 cuckatoos, a white one & a pink one. 2 lovebirds - my fav! & a er...i forgot the breed again!!!!!

eva wondered y its called PAWtobello? mayb the owner grew up @ PORTobello Rd?

Hiccups the pink cuckatoo!! he imitates humans coughin sounds etc!

aimin the fry...

...eatin it wit his leg!!

here's Nico the beautiful white talkative cuckatoo wit her owner!


"ni hao ma" (how are you) was his tagline for the day. an ultra-courteous bird!

ME wit the 2 lovely LOVIES!!! Shleifer whom i was tryin to sniff & Mom's fav. orange-faced TWINKLE!!!

pardon the many hands!!

here's Dating!

i love twinkle twinkle!

i begged them for twinkle by jumpin up n down!

cotton too!!

met 2 of our fwens - Ton Ton (below) & Datou

like a chihuahua's day out wit like 5 or 6 there! long & smooth coats!

Nico wit a very cute goldie!

im happy

yes i really am!! *squints*

me bac hm, again eatin a piece of dehydrated fish treat - suan chim
cotton munchin on her dehydrated kuning fishie! in fact, we love kuning more

ooh i so love our treats! u can view some of the fishies & other treats HERE

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YuFFie said...

Wah!!! Your mummy very hardworking!! Still blog after such a tiring day! My mummy and me KO after the day not to mention blogging!! Nice pictures your have there! My second sister, Dating, is a green cheek conure... Heehee and my bird friend Nico, is a male... Heeheee.... Wonder why twinkle nv jump away from you like what he usually did to me. :(