Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Kinds

Some backdated pix of Cotton's kind & MY kind!

This Bichon Frise, Snowy, had to be shaven down completely due to her amount of matts! She's quite a wonderful gal accordin to M...very obedient & was ultra happy to shower! Prolly due to the really warm climate these days & her matts forbiddin her skin to "breathe" properly.

Snowy's badly matted fur - right to the skin. With ticks

she's cute ain't she?

It came off chunks by chunks all connected



well, not the desirable look for a Bichon, but nontheless a much cleaner Snowy!

Snowy's 2 "sisters", 2 Mini Schnauzers, Sunshine & Rain came too

Sunshine! Before look

M spent 30mins trimmin her nails. she erm...created quite a scene with her phobia of nail trimmin LOL.

Rain, the pretty white MS! who loves showerin too! M need nt close the door while showerin her. she juz stays so still!

Poor M spent a full 1.5hrs demattin her! she was a darl..very gd endurance...

2 very happy gals! ooooh its a pity they're gals! Rain looks...looks..handsome..

Can u guess who's older? Who's the follower? Hiak Hiak

this erm...EXTRA..insisted that I put up her pix as an ENDNOTE!
[juz ignore her]


Oscar Airedale said...

Owie, poor doggies with all those matts. My grandma and grandad just got a Bichon Frise. There are photos on my blog today. Do they matt easily, or was this one just not brushed regularly?

Oscar x

The Airechicks said...


Everyone looks a whole lot cooler...Goodbye mats - hello cool new cuts....

M did wonderful job...everyone looks happy with their new doo's