Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poloroid Day

Poloroid Sun 600 (1983 Version)

Dad got this vintage Poloroid cam today for only S$40! Some tested pix of us!

Cotton in her "sit-up" position waitin for her dehydrated prawns treats!

she was curious bout the sound of the cam!


treats plz!

Backdated edited pix of cotton doin her "sit-up"!

We were supposed to try the Poloroid cam outdoor too. But too bad, it rained! tsk tsk tsk...

til the next surge...

1 comment:

~Sweety baby~ said...


JJ used to be a polarid camera. Remember to keep the pics in shady place. Dun expose to the sun if not the image will fade away~

And dun shake the film while the pic is developing. Colours will RUN!

Lots of Love,