Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spark the Silky

Spark, the Silky Terrier Bitch is here for boardin. We're not allowed to play with her... as Our Play might be a lil' too rough for her. Accordin to her owner, she's 8 yrs old & can't really walk much... nor can she chew much, thus, she's on canned dog foods (which her owner provided) & doesn't need any daily walks. She's also on heat now! There's like drops of blood all around...

But... but... my sister Lauryn (the tiny CHH), is 7 yrs old! & we're still allowed to play rough with her... she will play rough with Cotton too - by barkin fur-rociously @ her when Cotton gets too irritatin!! So... I really really really don't understand why we're not allowed to play with Spark!

She's so cute & silent! why can't I play play wit her???

see.. Spark is hungry...

Spark can't finish her food! oooo how i wish i can eat it!

But Mommy says NoNo to doggy foods for us... we're only allowed to have Raw Human Foods. But but... I thought we shouldn't waste foods!!!

Licky licks to Spark, hope u hav a gr8 stay here!


Harry said...

I hope Spark settles well while with you. Maybe she has very achy joints and that's why she can't play?

Toodle pip
Harry x

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