Friday, April 4, 2008

Paper-Cut Me! A Service for u?

After the drawins of ME & Datou, Dad has decided to Paper-Cut Me!! I look alive on the paper?? I somehow saw my double on a piece of paper!!

What is Paper-cuttin u ask? Read Here

Here's also some cool Paper-Cuttin Artists' Designs! I think Dad wants to be like 'em...

ok here goes!
thats' (unfinished) me! Prototype me. next to me is a Feathered Saluki! I've nv met 1 b4 tho'!

dis is the pix of ME Dad chose to work on. More over Here

this is to prove that it IS a Paper-Cut. Not juz a drawin usin black marker

2nd Cut of me on the right! Positive & Negative! Can u tell the difference? Which do you prefer? Black outline with white paper, or white details with white paper?

To prove it is NOT usin a white marker over a black paper

Which do u guys think is nicer? Postive or Negative? Would you like to see ur double on a piece of paper? Dad is providin this Paper-Cuttin service! to all animals! Doggies... kitties... piggies... etc etc!! Do leave a msg n an email if you'd like one too! The prices can be discussed ;)

For dogs wit colors other than Black/White, eg tan, red, blue, apricot, etc, colored papers will be pasted as background for a particular area (eg, pink paper will be pasted as background for the pinkish ears etc). If you'd like a black & white piece, it'd be like the above pix...

Papercuts can be framed up too for wall decorations.

I love seein myself on papers!

Woofies to all!

Velvet the mighty bitch

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Cassidy said...

Wow, you dad be so clever!

Cassidy x