Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper-Cut of Bobby & Mugen

Its Paper-cuttin time again! This time, Dad did 2 Mini Schnauzers - Bobby & Mugen! They're Aunty Y's boys... He did it specially for her as a gift! (Mom: p/s: ppl who're interested to purchase customized Paper-cuts, drawins, or paintins for their dogs/pets, plz leave ur email/contact no. here.)


The above paper-cut is a 'skeleton' version. The details on the background texture resembles "woodgrain".

close-up details of background

M is for Mugen!

The above paper-cut is a 'colored-version'. This is an exploration of Paper Textures (Distressed Paper).

Close-up details of Distressed Paper as fur

Watch this space for more Dog-Art!!

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Thehiddenburrow said...

im interested in a paper cut out of my dog. please contact me at