Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visiting Mochi!

We were left alone while Mom took both hammies out! Hmph! I wish she brought me along (not cotton!) too because I LOVEEEEE tiny tiny lil' animals.

But since she brought back pix for me to ogle at... all is well. Mom says Mochi is adopted yesterday by her friend. She's around 7 months young, a month older than Cherimoya, but sooooo much bigger! (or fatter lol)

Grandma Honey's bigger than Cherimoya by 10g (but feels alot heavier on hand lol), and Mochi is bigger than Honey by....... Mom's guess is quite alot lol. But not the biggest she has carried so far at 260g (two of Cherimoya).

Mom's a lil' (no, make that alot) gaga over calico syrians now so that's why they're flooding MY blog! Not that I mind much since they're so so so cute and I could watch them all day long. But Mom better not forget me - the co-owner of this blog!

mochi nommming!

fresh organic greens

L to R: Mochi, Cherimoya and Grandma Honey

Mochi staying pretty for the cam

Mochi sniffing Grandma Honey


pretty face...

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