Sunday, June 17, 2007


M brought us to a new dog cum human cafe - Pawtobello. Met up wit Muffin the 4 mths old MS & Chester the Corgi! We arrived 1st & service was excellento! We were served bowls of water each the moment we stepped in & decided on a table! Many many doggies of all shapes..sizes..colors n breeds too!

see..all shapes, sizes, breeds & colors! a bald MS, tiny mini pin & white fluffy thing

a cool gigantic 22mths old St. Bernard!

catcha glimpse of chester's foxy tail!

can't believe i sniffed dat. wasn't in the right state of mind with all the goin-ons in there

a teeny weeny mini pin bite bite cotton's fur! im sure dat furball felt nothin

..grrrrrrr.. look how TINY he is!!!

hide & seek?

yes cotton's lead was in his mouth! he was tryin to walk cotton!

David & Goliathe ain't gettin enuf of each other

a handsome wire fox terrier, a PRT & ME!!!!

my M admires this breed too...

chester kiss kiss..while cotton sniffs sniffs!

trio sniffin!

cotton ball n er... i've no idea who

that's Muffin with a maltese!

muffin, cotton, me, me, me!

ain't really camera friendly, aren't we?

perhaps the closest to nicest pic of us???

im all set & rdy to dine!!! GIMMIE FOOD!


ok i guess so...

...i stared... @ latte...

...& decided on a... strawberry milkshake instead!!

bee-eaut-ti-ful place ain't it? 33 Mohd Sultan Rd

geez... im all tired frm those runnins...chasins...etc etc. opps btw..90% of pix above r courtesy of Muffin's M! our camera...sad to say... is overpriced... with a super duper pooor shutter speed! Plz get a new cam... (M: yes...i noe..stoppit) all shagged out...

peace out!!! ;p

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Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that looks like a super cool cafe. I wish we had cool places like that here.

Oscar x