Friday, June 1, 2007

Junior BOY!!

Junior the (un-neutered) handsome MS visited us 2day

yes dat was him the last time i saw him. shaven down @ the vet's due to ticks!

look how he's bloomed! *KISS KISS*

busybody somebody's behind

we were goin ga-ga over him! juz look @ his sweetie face!

look @ dat silly white thing's tongue! eeeeeks!

EXTRA handsome!!!!!!!!

squint & SMILE for the camera!!! ><

nice bod yummy!

nice face too! my self-proclaimed boyfriend :p


signin off to bitch around!!!



Oscar Airedale said...

Junior certainly is very cute!

Oscar x

benviv said...

Forgot to tell ya he's very scare-dy one... u raise your voice a bit and he'll look 4 corner 2 hide! And when he gets scared, he pees hehe.

But he's a sweetie... when i sit down n call him he'll run over and sometimes put his head in my lap =P