Saturday, May 1, 2010

My 5th!

As usual, Mom would bring our entire family (this time, includin both Mom & Dad!) for a studio shoot on every of MY odd-birthday year. & it's my 5th on 28th March '10 (Sun)... we went for the shoot on 29th March '10 (Mon) at 1430.

We spent a total of S$1035 for 4 5Rs, 2 + 1 8Rs & a CD of 81 (1st step retouched) pix includin' better retouched pix of the chosen ones for print.
Our previous shoot was in 2008, which Mom & wasn't very satisfied with.

But this time, both Mom & Dad were v satisfied wit the results with another photography studio. Here're some 26 outta 81 pix to share wit all...

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Sunshade said...

Those are bootiful pictures Birdee!!! I also really enjoyed reading about the creation of the healthy powder!!!

Thank you for the "get your hearing back" wishes, I am recovering, slowly.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade