Friday, November 12, 2010

Chewy the Gorgeous Stray Kitten for Adoption


Mom has brought home a gorgeous stray kitten on the night of 101110! She's a tri-color, good with baths, good with dogs, good with humans! You may watch vids of Mom bathing her on her 1st night home & playing with us! Just hop over to our Facebook page. We're calling her Chewy for now.

Anyone interested in adopting/fostering her? As much as Mom (& us!!) would love to keep her, but it's not within Mom's ability to do so =[

Chewy's really young. Probably about 4 months old? It was fate that Mom & Dad found her... she was hiding under their car while they were at work. She dashed out when they went to fetch somethin' from the car. There was a tight red string with bells tied around her neck. Luckily Mom removed it otherwise it would've gotten embedden into her skin as she continues to grow.

Please email us at with your details if you'd like to help foster, or best, adopt lil' Chewy. Screenin' will be needed too.

Please help to spread the word... meanwhile, enjoy the pix!

Chewy's almost the Queen here!

bahhhhh............. a very pissed Chewy

Cotton licks her non-stop -_- watch the vid below!

studyin' one another

hey gorgeous!

Chewy havin' her 1st go at raw salmon. She's on raw fishes now & her coat's gleamin!


Chewy from iphone

1st night home. 1st bath session

Chewy playin' with us!

Chewy's 1st go at RAW Salmon

Chewy's 2nd go at deboned Raw Kuning Fish (1st part vid, sorry it's upside-down. Also started adding Organic Diatomeceous Earth to all her raw meals.

2nd part vid

it's PLAY-TIME right after eating! 141110


Triller Chewy 181110 (very slpy right after her bath)

Chewy chasin' light

Chewy slpin wit Velvet & Cotton (071210)

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