Monday, August 1, 2011

The Love of Cotton

How Cotton reacts to people (or rather, strangers) that she LOVES...

[27062011] Mom's & Dad's friend, Uncle James! Cotton is head over heels with him

[01082011] Still with Uncle James & the ''reds family'' (Lucky the Red Golden Retriever & Coco the Red Toy Poodle). Cotton LOVESSSSS their Mom since the first time she met her!

[01082011] We will bump into the ''reds family'' almost daily during our 5km jog/walk session & this is what happens all the time...

Cotton's not a dog whom loves every stranger on the streets. She chooses who to love and who not to.  Once she loves you, she literally LOVES you to death & of cuz once she dislikes you, she dislikes u for life (& for some other reasons too which Mom belives).

As for dogs, she usually clicks with those of the same energy level as her (eg Coco the Red Toy Poode in the above vid) or with those super calm & matured ones (eg Lucky the Red Golden Retriever in the above vid) whom are not afraid of her or dislike her. On first meetings, she'd DEMAND for plays & sniffs by barking her lungs away (of which other humans may misunderstand & think of her as aggressive). Once the other dog lets her sniff/play with her, all would be well. There's only a few dogs so far that she can never take a liking to despite the number of times they see each other (which Mom reckons it's due to the other dogs' humans' energy... they just don't seem to like Cotton... & Cotton sure knows that!).

Even when it comes to people Mom and Dad knows... ppl that they consider as ''friends''. Cotton just seems to be able to tell who are the ''good'' ones and the well......... ''not so good'' ones. She's ok with most of Mom & Dad's friends... (note the word MOST here) but there's a few whom she will NEVER like & you bet she'll show it to everyone's face. Coincidentally, those people are no longer a part of Mom & Dad's lives (which is good!) due to certain issues. It really seems Cotton knows things way beyond our humans will ever know of others.

As for me... I'm neutral with everyone (partially because Cotton's already there to do her job of  ''scanning'' our humans' friends) & that's why I'm always the good, kind, matured, and steadfast girl in everyone's eyes when they get to know me well enough. Because usually on first glance, ppl tend to think of me as the FIERCE one just because I'm dark in color with cropped ears and my brows just make my overall look really fierce. Whereas Cotton's the white (& brown haha) energized fluffy bouncy lil' thing whom makes everyone go ''awww soooo cuteeee''...... don't judge a book by its cover! =P

But we all love Cotton for both who and what she is no matter how others may view her. We're all special in each of our own unique ways in Mom & Dad's eyes.

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