Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Groom Before A Vet!

It's time for us to be groomed again after a really loooong while. Another reason for us to be groomed now is because we're off to the vet's tomorrow for our annual bloodwork and heartworm test. All paws & fingers crossed!

Cotton's last full-groom session should be 21st March if Mom remembered correctly. Or maybe she had another one later on... *shrugs*    *thinks hard*     Ok, I remember Mom trimmin' only her face in mid July [when we went to the railway station] because she was so lazy to trim her entire body. So yea... Wow! Cotton has got only two full-groom sessions in a entire year!

Mom always has to spend the most time and effort on Cotton because she's such a furball... so she was groomed yesterday while Lauryn and I were both groomed today.

the shrink

a furball with no head... no tail

Body last groomed on 21st March, face last trimmed in mid-July

And here's me today. Wasn't really happy to wake up early in the mornin' to be groomed...

And lastly here's Lauryn and Chewy. Oh btw it was Lauryn's 10th barkday three days back on the 27th. Happy Woofday to our biggie sister and may she have another great 10 years with us!

one lookin' no different before & after groomin'

another that doesn't need to be groomed at all & still looks groomed

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