Thursday, July 26, 2012

Most Beautiful DSH Cat Contest 2012

Mom entered Chewy in the ''Most Beautiful DSH Cat Contest 2012'' with this picture for voting on FB:

Then on 06 June we went to Jurong Point Shopping Mall. Chewy was kinda scared by the huge crowd there as Mom usually brings her to walk at quiet places with us. She hate noises too and when people talk too loudly, she lays low and stop walking hoping she's invisible to others.

Chewy didn't win anything of course other than a goodie bag haha! BUT it was an awesome experience for me because I got to be the only thorn dog amongst the roses cats!

I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 

See how happy I was!

Why no cat-fight for me to watch

first cat was the fattest there! i'm in awe... o_O
who let the cat out

the pilot and air stewardess

actually dad & i didn't wanna go on stage but the lady sitted next to
us kept urging us to go

the winner! Scar-face

yea i was still busy watching!

my attention span never fades when it comes to my fav. kitty cats

Mindee Ong with one of her puppies!

Anyways we took a free picture too like the above and our pix was short-listed as part of a contest for i-weekly magazine. I think they did a not-so-good-job by cutting half of MY face outta it! Hmph!

And the results below! Chewy and Mom got 7th place and ended up with some S$200 shopping vouchers.

So so so so sooo happy to be there! Can't say the same for Chewy. Hah

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