Sunday, December 23, 2012

Calico Cat Dustcaps

It's crazy calico cat dustcaps haha! Mom bought a few of them even though they're of the same designs. Reason? She couldn't find the ''chiong'' (fake) one which costs only a few bucks so she imported the original ones which cost like S$18 excluding shipping! It was only after that that she found the ''chiong'' one at $9.90 but it was of A-grade so she couldn't bear to use it as well, LOL!

Then finally, she found a ''chiong'' one which costs only S$3. And she'll be using that so she wouldn't get too heartpain if its lost haha!

Why does she love this design so much? Because it resembles Chewy! Black patch on the right side of face and red patch on the left! Just like the soft-toy she specially caught!

Original, which is smaller, with Grade A ''chiong''  =p

Matt plastic just like the original!
and BIGGER too! ^^

Glossy plastic Grade B ''chiong'' at $3 only haha!

''silly mom... i'm the most ORIGINAL of all..... yawnzzzz''

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