Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Lone Tree Part I

We went to visit the lone tree this evening with the whippets Remy and his son Giogio for some nice picture taking! It's so beautiful and Mom really loves the tree so much that she hopes it stays there forever.

All thanks to a fellow instagram sheltie who went there... Mom saw his pictures and she just HAD to bring us there too haha!

Cotton.... as usual.... went crazy over the two big boysssss.....

The pictures' colors were edited just to create the effect because the direction of the sunset wasn't very ideally right behind us...

this is mom's 2nd fav pix haha! Cotton is kinda short to be seen unlike me

Mom's FAVORITE pix!

and another! ok all of the shots are mom's favorites lol

And we've a couple shots of Remy with his Mom...

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