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Lifesize Needle-Felted Dog Sculptures

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the same as the Cuddle Clones (CC) plush sculptures. Click [ here ] to see Cuddle Clones. CC's plush sculptures are made from synthetic materials and their body size most likely from templates which is exactly why they cost much cheaper. The team of artists also each roughly take a couple of days to complete one and they are also more toyish looking rather than realistic. Needle-felted sculptures on the other hand, are more realistic looking and customized to look as similar to the animal as possible (depends on the artist's skills too) and take much longer to complete. Velvet's lifesize 1:1 scale sculpture took 5 months. You may use coupon code 'velvet' for 10% off your purchase at Cuddle Clones. It totally depends on your preference and budget now that you're provided with the detailed comparisons between Cuddle Clones plush sculptures and needle-felted sculptures in my blog.



Ordered: 04 Jan 2016
Arrived on 01 June 2016

before adding whiskers



realistic nails made from resin!



realistic nails!

mailed fur to artist


 ARRIVED ON 01 Jun 2016

UPDATE (12 Jan 2016) on NEW item:

 The artist made an awesome 2015 christmas gift for me which I received on the night of 11 Jan 2016. It's a miniature head monument of Velvet. Details [ here ] on her website. Video [ here ] (or below):

first ''acceptable'' pix together

head is detachable from stand

''We go together like copy and paste, because the best things in life are three''.

photo credit to artist, Mavis (dollmofee)

This has got to be THE most expensive thing (or art piece) that Mom has EVER bought in her entire life thus far. Let's just amount the total cost of it to one of a very, very good show quality mini schnauzer puppy.

It took Mom about a month of careful consideration before deciding on doing this sculpture of me. She put it as its a present for the both of us - my Big 10th and her 30th this year. She even took to flipping coins to decide and Sunshade's ma all the way in Canada also flipped it for Mom and video-ed it lol. Results were the same as Mom's 2:1 so Mom ultimately went ahead to order the sculpture.

The artist mentioned her clients usually do memorial sculptures after the passing of their companion animals. Mom thought that she would appreciate my sculpture more while I'm still here. And she'll probably regret not doing it earlier. Many ppl (including strangers have asked Mom if looking at the sculpture would sadden her when I'm no longer around. No one will have an answer to it now but Mom (and me) are hoping that my doppelganger would help ease things a little.

Anyways, it was a looong and tedious process because Mom had to take photos of measurements of EVERY single part of my body from the width of my ears (bottom to top) to the length of my snout to my pawpads to my nipples and private parts! Just because the sculpture is gonna be so detailed to my private parts.

The much talented felted artist is Mavis aka Dollmofee (from Taiwan) which u can find her FB page [ here ] with tonnes of photos, her rules of ordering from her website [ here ] (click on icon for translation), her blog [ here ], youtube [ here ] and instagram [ here ]. Please read her website regarding her rules for orders prior to emailing her.

Sizes of sculpture are miniature ones from 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm all the way to lifesize 1:1 scale. Basically you'll need to submit pictures of your animal in three angles (front, back, side) for price estimation as prices vary according to sculpture size and fur complexity. Any enquiries on prices, please email Mavis directly at .

Lifesize 1:1 scale would cost a few thousand USD onwards. Velvet is the 3rd lifesize (and largest till date) sculpture that she has done. 1st is a Chihuahua named Pepi (also from Singapore) at 32cm tall (sitting position), second's a yorkie X poodle at 40cm long (lying down position) and third's Velvet at 54cm long (chest to anus) by 52cm tall (ground to tip of ears) in standing position. Will include their photos below.

Mom placed a deposit on 14 Dec 2014 and it was completed on 20 May 2015, reaching home to us on 25 May.

Did I mention Mom also mailed samples of my fur to Mavis just so she could get the color right. Lucky she did cuz my color was different from what she imagined it to be without her looking at my actual fur.

To protect the sculpture as needle-felted ones tend to attract dust, Mom also had to customize an acrylic showcase just for it which was done locally. It had to be huge just so the sculpture could be displayed at different angles.

I think Mom sent the artist easily between 200+ photos including some videos. Just measurement and fur details photos alone are about 100+? Tonnes of work, reviews and rectifications along the way (5 months!) to the final product. Will include some measurement photos below.

Video of the final product below! My doppelganger has movable limbs, ears, head and tail! Tail is 360deg rotatable how cool is that. Mom thinks Mavis is so super talent and probably just about one of the best few needle-felted artists with the eyes and skills to create extremely life-like needle-felted sculptures of animals.

Overall, Mom is very happy with it although she finds that similarity would be much closer with smooth coated breeds as compared to longer coated breeds with more variables involved ie flow of fur, length of fur etc. It's virtually impossible for 100% similarity since the artist did everything based on just photos alone and has never seen nor touched me before. So to achieve this level of likeness, Mom is overall very impressed and satisfied. Worth every cent and wait. 

Mom's favorite pix of us together. a chanced one as well.

dog sculpture

What the artist Mavis (aka Dollmofee) had to say:

velvet's hand-made tongue! photo credit to dollmofee

There is one 30cm (memorial) sculpture of a mini schnauzer that Mom really really liked and literally made her wanna do it. This is the one:

photo credit to dollmofee

Mavis' cat, Dark

photo credit to schnauzer's human

photo credit to dollmofee

These few pix below are the previous two other lifesize dog sculptures that the artist did before Velvet. Pepi and Rulu. Rulu's was done as a memorial sculpture hence, measurements were estimated based on photos of her.

photo credits to Rulu's human (Rachel Wang)

And then there's me!

Some other animal sculptures that Mavis has done:

30cm height chinchilla cat

4 inch by 6 inch 3D cat head in photo frame

4 inch by 6 inch 3D cat head in photo frame

15cm long cat

20cm long cat

15cm long MoMo

25cm long sugar glider

10cm guinea pigs

lifesize 1:1 scale bird

20cm rabbit

Hedgehog 10cm long

Some other sculptures of dog breeds of various sizes

corgi 20cm

westie 20cm. photo credit to westie's human

20cm St. Bernard. details:

30cm dog and 8cm hamster

afghan hound 15cm long

 miniature schnauzer 15cm long

poodle 10cm

 poodle 10cm

pomeranian 15cm

zai zai in 2013 (10cm)

zai zai in 2014 (10cm)

zai zai in 2015 (10cm)

pomaranian 30cm tall

pomeranian 20cm long

schnauzer 20cm long

schnauzer 20cm tall

schnauzer 10cm long

photo credit to dollmofee

Maltese 10cm

Maltese 30cm long

maltese 20cm long

longer skirting fur to be added on after this shot was taken

29 May 2015:

21 June 2015

difference after finger-fluffing
Those 3 other plush sculpture are from Cuddle Clones


4th Lifesize Sculpture: (35cm long) late Maltese (zai zai)

sculpture. pee is photoshopped

photo of real dog in 1st pix.

5th Lifesize Sculpture: (40cm long) late Chihuahua X Pomeranian (wawa)

40cm long

6th Lifesize Sculpture: (30cm long) late Yorkshire Terrier (mei mei)

7th Lifesize Sculpture: (30cm tall) late Chinchilla calico cat (Qiu Qiu)

8th Lifesize Sculpture: (35cm tall) late Shih Tzu X (Xiao Guai)

9th Lifesize Sculpture: (24cm long) late Rabbit (Ding Ding)

10th Lifesize Sculpture: (35cm long) Calico DSH Cat (Chewy)

11th Lifesize Sculpture: (35cm tall) Bichon Frise (Cotton)

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