Friday, January 25, 2008

A Holistic Life for Dogs - Natural (Organic) Groomin' & Diet

Since there is already Natural Diet for us, why not Natural Groomin' usin 100% organic & holistic ingredients?

Why a Natural Diet in the 1st place. Becuz that's what we dogs are suppose to be havin'! It is what Mother Nature intended for us in the very beginnin of time. Commercial or heat-processed foods do not contain the much natural minerals & enzymes needed by us. Not to mention the oblivious ingredients in commercial foods.

Most ppl prefer to giv heat-processed food aka Home-Cooked-Foods (HCF) becuz they hate the gory sight of raw foods. This is simply what we you as humans PREFER to see us dogs havin. Which wolf in the wild eats these? Or any lions or polar bears eat these in the zoo? Neither do any zoo-keepers cook for these animals whenever they're sick.

To keep up/build a gd immune system, the best way would be to hav a Raw Natural Diet. Not thru processed foods where the quality is already wayyyy discounted. Not to mention also the ingredients are not of top quality nor known (seen). All u see are the ingredients WRITTEN down. Would you even eat packed foods for the rest of your life? If so, why would you give us these for our whole lives?

Skin problems as well as tick magnets are due to foods as well. You are what you eat. Just like how flys are attracted to garbage. A dog with gd immunity would never be a magnet for ticks or mozzies, nor would they have any doggy odour or bad breath or bad teeth & gums.

I can never stop listin the positivities of feedin us a Raw Natural Diet. Of course, you'd need to do much research on your part as well ;)

(M: Which to me, is definitely worthwhile to see your dog age gracefully, healthily & most of all, the natural way. & who knows, your dog may even live to a ripe of age of 27 yrs old juz like the oldest dog recorded (which was a pure vegan btw)! All these will definitely make you as an owner strive for a more holistic livin for your dog.)

Holistic (Natural) Groomin:

Like I mentioned since they's already a natural way of feedin your dogs, why not even complete your dog with 100% organic groomin? A totally chemical-free groomin session for your pets?

As quoted from Malsam:

Many of today’s dogs are no longer bred under very strict condition and reputable breeders are indeed getting lesser and lesser. Dogs evolved to today’s sweet temperament and character has a long way to come. With today’s many bad breeding practices, dogs and other pets are increasingly prone to environmental effects be it the water, the air and the earth our dogs are walking on. We seldom have touches with good old mother earth, drink from untreated water as well as breathing unpolluted air. We can still have a getaway to somewhere isolated but our dogs most probably cannot tag along.

Many urban dogs are adopted and purchased from doubtful sources…as such, many dogs nowadays are prone to allergies and health issues. The need to have natural health care become important. Ask yourself can you eat canned and commercial food everyday for your lifetime? Use medicated and chemical products from head to toe and ensure nothing goes wrong with you? With commercial dog foods and chemically “enhanced” grooming products, your dogs are getting more “damages” than you can imagine on a daily basis. Going into a natural diet is already challenging enough for advocates like us who are promoting the awareness of going natural. Its time for me to start pushing natural grooming…

We add the fresh ingredients like 100% pure Essential Oils as well as organic oils into our base shampoo, basically usin organic products to cater for pets. Bear in mind that these are also human-grades which even you, as an owner can use on yourself. Which is akin to sayin it is absolutely safe to use daily for both humans as well as animals.

The base shampoo is formulated in US while the fresh ingredients are in SG. They're OTCO certified organic.

Those who're interested in this aspect for your dog, do stay tune for further updates... as I'll be launchin them soon in my groomin services...

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