Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Findin Nessie II

We had a quest of Findin Nessie some time ago. We were bac there again this mornin at 0630 hours til 0930 hours.

Hopin to find Nessie we were... & Find Nessie we think we did!

We CANNOT reveal this lovely place as it's Nessie's hide-out. Otherwise, her hide-out would've become 'juz another place of interest'. Worst still......... we might even be endangerin her precious life! Oh, Nessie told me that she doesn't appreciate shadows too. & dun bother askin my Mom too.

see, this is my powerful Nessie's neck. notice the thickness, with some spikes.

HAPPY! AESTHETIC! oh dad forgot his contact lenses, so plz excuse us for some dreamy-like-us thru his blurred eyes.

Nessie told me that's her fav. hide-out!

this is Nessie's toy. She used to flip them over when she gets real MAD. She's alot tamer now wit us' company tho'.

if u hadn't already noticed, this 3-angle view is Nessie's POV of us! Yes she's a 3-eyed monster Nessie.

I look up to Nessie alot @ times, cuz she's reallll talllll!!

this is Nessie's Lake

Nessie's Island

remember to seek permission to take pix @ Nessie's Lake yah.. otherwise u'll get a Crazy Nessie flippin u all over like a ball

& wen Nessie gets MAD, u'll end up seein things like this:

OR, u might juz become an un-identified flying object flying out into space.

see ya Nessie~

Unfortunately, all good things muz come to an end. Here, we bidded Nessie Goodbye. But we'll definitely be visitin her again....... for we're her exclusive friends!

we came by a Kitty Runway!

how cool

Kungfu Cat on Kitty Runway

til the next secret hide-out!

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Your dad takes really interesting and nice photos, keep posting! :)