Monday, November 10, 2008

Findin Nessie

It was supposed to be a great day out for us, until the rain monster came along...........

see how happy we all were

no Nessie far out?

any Nessie down below?

poke-man could already sense the rain monster approachin

i could too & tried to roar as loud as i could to scare it away

we could only stare in disbelief wat's gonna happen next

see how heavy the downpour was

then, as usual, some lil' animals simply luv followin us around. this is lil' Mr. Terrapin T.

is that Nessie???????

oh, that's Mr. Komodo L.

We'll be back there soon, hopin to spot Nessie. Let's hope for some fine weather... til then.

1 comment:

Lacy said...

w00f's pups, me hopes u find nessie soon..

b safe,