Thursday, August 19, 2010

REDUCE the use of plastic bags!

Viral Video vs. Plastic Bags (Please share this video with all you know & educate them)

California is on the verge of passing a statewide ban against plastic bags (individual cities have already done so). Could a little bit of viral video marketing tip the scales in the ban's favor?

Oscar winner Jeremy Irons has narrated a mockumentary, "The Majesty Plastic Bag" for heal the bay, a 25 year old non-profit based in Santa Monica. It's part of an effort to highlight the importance of passing AB 1998, which would ban single-use of plastic bags from grocery stores and other retailers. If passed, the bill would make California the first state to ban plastic bags.

Iron's ironic voiceover may not sway opponents of the bill, but at the very least it serves to spread awareness of AB's 1998 existence -- and its potential impact. Check it out below.

As per our previous post regarding plastic bags, we hope more Singaporeans would come to know of the harm non-biodegradable plastic bags are bringing to our marine lives out there. Ultimately, humans will be the ones most affected.

If you've missed out our points in ou previous post, we talked about how you can play your part in reducing the use of plastic bags in your everyday life.

Bring your own tupperware when ordering take-aways. This would help reduce the use of styrofoam boxes which are equally as harmful as they DO NOT biodegrade.

Bring your own eco-friendly cloth bags when grocery-shopping.

If you MUST use plastic bags, opt for 100% oxo-biodegradable plastic bags instead. These bags will biodegradable over months & become part of our Earth's soil.

We're switching to 100% oxo-biodegradable plastic bags for both our food-stall & Natural Pawpals store as well.

We also try our best to educate both the young & old while at work everyday... even if that means ignorant people mistaking us for being stingy on plastic bags. We don't really care how these group of people view us... for our biggest clients should be the suffering sea creatures out there.

This is just one of our EarthEcho. Let this be yours from today on too.

What is your EarthEcho?

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