Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Vegans Don't Eat Honey

Mom's a vegan. As much as she likes organic eggs, cheese & organic milk, & especially Manuka Honey, she has decided to give them up again, just like 5 years ago. This includes the sacrifice of many other stuff as well like chocolates, pizza, vegetarian burgers (with eggs/cheese in them), etc.

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude as far as possible & practicable, all forms of exploitation of, & cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Altho' most may think honey doesn't involve in the killing of animals, but in actual fact, humans have made bees slaves... & STEAL their honey. Bees make honey to survive through the winter. It is stored specifically for the winter & the bees eat it during the winter (as they do not hibernate). Therefore, by stealing their honey, you're stealing their means to survive. Thus, vegans do not eat animal by-products.

Queen bees are also killed annually & replaced with new ones to the colony. Tell me that isn't cruelty - simply just so you could have some honey.

This is a good article from The Vegan Society.

Bees help polinate our flowers & plants, in return, honey is their wages. We shouldn't STEAL their wages because humans generally do not need honey to survive.

Anyways, honey is a very controversial food between vegans.

Other arguments are things such as driving cars with leather seats insteriors, riding a bike with leather seats, wearing leather/wool clothes or shoes etc.

Mom can truly say she doesn't weather any leather/wool clothes & shoes... but living life in this modern world & avoiding EVERYTHING else that's made from animals is pretty inevitable. What one can do is simply try their VERY best in reducing all these exploitation of animals in our everyday lives.

When you do not eat red meat ONLY, but eat fishes, you're a pescatarian (not a vegetarian).
When you do not eat red meat & fishes, you're a vegetarian.
When you do not eat red meat, fishes & eggs, but drink milk, you're a lacto-vegetarian.
When you do not eat red meat, fishes & milk, but eat eggs, you're a ovo-vegetarian.
When you do not eat red meat, fishes, eggs, cheese, milk, honey, you're a vegan.

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