Wednesday, October 13, 2010

550D at Ground 17

There's been no pictures of us for so long isn't it! Mom was basically waitin for her Canon EOS 550D as its time for her Nikon D70 to take a loooong break.......

Some 1st few test shots taken from home on the arrival of 550D on 111010.

that's me givin' Mom my grumpy look

& then a happier one!

the oldest in my household... she's goin' 9yo soon on 27th Oct '10. lookie at her crooked nose!

the crazy white one makes it on screen too

Followin' pix are some outdoor shots (on 121010) durin' our 5km jog/walk/run every weekday mornings... 1st outdoor shoot with the 550D

out at 0610!

not much lighting at all before 7am... this would've been a gr8 shot otherwise

& finally we get some good light

Cotton Blaine's LAVITATION. can win david blaine's right...

our friend whom we meet every weekday

this is Cotton's fav. spot in the car. lucky for a leg-brake instead of a hand-brake!

my spot's either on Mom's lap, or lookin outta the window too

the difference between the way I look out & the way of Cotton's...


dumbo's up!

ears straight!

the-very-emo look

are... we...... home......... yet............

More shots comin' up next week!

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