Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HELLO to 100% Biodegradable CornBags!

Natural Pawpals is very proud to announce that our packagin' for our treats is goin' green! Green, just like the color of our logo!

For everyone whom know us personally, you'd know we're tree-huggers & try our very best to do our part for both animals & our environment every single day.

We're against the use of (non-biodegradable) plastic bags (that cause the death of thousands of marine creatures everyday) as well as harmful styrofoam lunch-boxes that are bleached & hence, contain cancer-causin' agents.

The solution? Bring your own eco-friendly fabric bags when grocery shoppin... & your own (washable) plastic tupperware in replacment of harmful styrofoam boxes!

It is ridiculous to use a (non-biodegradable) plastic bag for only 5 minutes & then it ends up being dumped into landfills or oceans existin' FOREVER on Earth causin' the death of thousands of oceanic creatures when they get trapped in it or consume too many plastic bags.

We've switched to usin' Cornbags! These 100% biodegradable & environmentally-friendly plastic bags are made from Corn. They're extremely safe to contain food as well.
Say NO to (non-biodegradable) plastic bags & HELLO to CornBags!

CornBag. Eco-Friendly Bags Made from Corn. Biodegradable. Compostable

an eg of how our treats will be packed. Sealed & comes with sleeves for convenience!


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