Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dad took some shots of us on 251110 (right after our 5km mornin' jog) while Mom drove as usual. Another purpose of this mini photoshoot was to submit photos of us in cars to help Mom win some neat S$50 petrol vouchers! Click here for the results!

We hope we're cute enough to help Mom win it! We'll leave you guessin' which 4 pictures Mom submitted!

ear-sie cotton

& of cuz me feelin the wind in my beard!

wind in her ears!

Mom & Dad's fav. shot of the day (color's edited as they like the vintage feel)

yup this is definitely 1 of the shots Mom chose to edit & submit =]

my beard gets messed up as usual

HAIR-UP! just like those tai-tais in salons preparin to attend dinner functions

sometimes the wind gets Cotton in the mood to meditate... OMMMM.......

she'll feel very fresh & alert after her meditation

Mom likes it when my beard goes all hay-wire

this was snapped on 291110. I think I really look kinda suave for a bitch

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