Saturday, March 3, 2012

''LIKE'' My Contest Pix!

Hello everyone! Mommy entered me in a contest hoping to be in the Top 5 to win a photoshoot by famous celebrity photographer Russel Wong!

So if you think I'm pretty (well, cuz I'm obviously the MAIN subject here!) and cute, and intelligent, and pretty, and so super cute, and super pretty (hee hee), please please vote for me? Pwetty please pleaseee... I so know I'm so irreplaceable to Mommy =p

CLICK HERE and ''LIKE'' the pix please!

Please use your Facebook account and click ''LIKE'' on the pix to cast your vote for me! Every vote counts! So if you've a boyfriend/girlfriend Facebook account, your furry friend's Facebook account, your family's Facebook account....... please please ask them to vote for me too!

My 7th Barkday is coming on March 28th. I hope to win this photoshoot for my lucky 7th Barkday pressie! So thank you all in advance for your votes! =DD

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