Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My 7th Birthday with Family

It's my 7th birthday today and I kinda told Mom that I wish to see my family again. We're suppose to be a family of 6 (parents and 4 of us siblings, 3 girls and a boy). But doggie-dad, a given-away sister to doggie-dad's family and a late sister has only me, doggie-mom and a brother left now.

Mom is trying and needs to save lotsa moolah now so we can't do a studio-shoot like all my previous odd-birthday years.

My doggie-mom and bro couldn't take the outdoors environment and weather much as they've been indoors almost all their lives. And that's why you'll see them panting so much in the pix later on. Mom also suspects doggie-mom has got UTI or some bladder/kidney issues judging by the way and no. of times she pee-ed.

My doggie-mom is already 9+ years but ppl always mistake me as her mommy and her son as her father years ago because of our size difference. She's really tiny at probably 3+kg (could be lighter because she's kinda plump now) compared to me at 5kg and my bro at about 6+kg because he's abit on the chubby side too.

this is my mom, 9yo Girl Girl

we were always lookin @ the same direction

she's spotting a luo-han head look now

i was busy as usual with my grass

my bro, Tagen! with his signature black-tipped tongue

if ur wondering why my coat's darker, it's because my coat is stripped
and I was never shaved my whole life

and i became a double headed schnauzer

yes you're never heavy, you're my brother

and Cotton is forever happy outside no matter the occassion

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