Monday, February 11, 2013

Henderson Waves on 2nd Day of CNY

2nd day of the Lunar New Year and we're off to Henderson Waves! So unlucky that it drizzled after our 1st few pix there! But luckily Mom and Dad didn't head off but remained in the car waiting to see if the drizzle would stop. And it did! So we headed back there again... which was really funny thinking back. And so we were there from 1000 hours to 1130 hours.

We really like it there alot. Can't say the same for the cat! She's always unhappy everywhere haha. Silly cat doesn't know how to enjoy life like us...

Mom ran us back to the car after this shot

and back again!

smirky cotton

cat attempting a snake-walk in the snake year!

''hey beautiful!'' to myself

anyone with a cat who can beat that face?

We hope all you doggies and kitties had a superb and fun CNY!

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