Wednesday, July 3, 2013

109 Days Young Cherimoya

Standing at 130+g at 109 days young. She's soooo cute! And her colors are becoming brighter and more prominent as she grows. That is one late-bloomer.

i adore her face markings

''er... something's behind me, isn't it.''


Big Honey Dog (Honey the Great Dane) said...

Oh! SQUEE! SQUEE!! These pictures are just ADORABLE!! Reminds my human of her first pet- a hamster - back in the UK. Cherimoya is such a lovely name too.

Honey the Great Dane

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

thank you honey! mom thinks cherimoya is really the sweetest hammie haha. she allows to be scooped up with no warning from her deep slp! or when she's eating.

my bestest ham...