Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hit and Run Shih Tzu

Hit and run accident at 1600 hours on 29 June 2013 involving a possibly lost/abandoned female shih tzu.

Mom was driving and saw on the opposite side of the road some 4 or 5 ppl crowding around a dog on the ground. So she made a U-Turn to see if they needed any help to send the dog to the vet or something. They shifted the body to the grass patch and said no one owns this dog and they were just passer-bys who witnessed the accident. They claim it to be a large speeding lorry speeding along the road bend and it was too fast for them to catch a glimpse of the car plate. Mom then realized that she was just short of 10mins or she could have try to see the vehicle n car plate. Or chase after the lorry. Or if she was 15mins earlier, she could've picked up the dog trying to cross the road. Sigh... it is her fate...
Mom called SPCA and they instructed Mom to call NEA to dispose off the body. Had no time to bring to a vet for a microchip scan. Few more passer-bys came to see what happened and  felt so sorry for the poor dog...
Mom went to check on the area again at about 9+pm and realized the carcass was still there even though NEA said they would clear it within 1 to 3 hours. So she called NEA and they called TC to clear it. The dog was covered up nicely with a black trash bag... probably by a passer-by.

If u recognize this dog n know her family, just notify them of her untimely and unfortunate demise. Looks quite young probably about 5, 6 year old and quite well maintained except for a few matts on the legs area. So Mom's guess, judging from her fur condition and growth pattern... is she was possibly a shaved-down dog and got lost/abandoned for about a month or two.
RIP lil' one.
Mom took a few pictures to hopefully help in identifying her if she's a lost dog. 

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