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Usui Rei-ki (Rei-ki I Contact/Hands-on Healing)

From Mom,

Ever since Lauryn's condition became pretty bad on 01 Sept 2012, I was bent on learning Usui Rei-ki. But there was no more slot for Nov. 2012's Rei-ki I intake. So I had to wait 6 months till May 2013 for the next intake. But of course, Lauryn couldn't wait no more. Thankfully, there were my friends to help (distant) rei-ki Lauryn through her tough times. Unfortunately, she passed on at 0658 hours... spending about 1.5 hours at the vet's from 0530 hours. Her Dad and I were with her all the way in the emergency room because the vet was kind enough to let us be there with her all the way. But because it was so early, she had no (distant) rei-ki from my friends to transition her. But I knew she was already gone pretty early and all that was left, was her beating heart. Still, I spoke to her all the way to let her know that it was okay to leave and that we're with her all the way. And her heart finally stopped beating eventually even with CPR. Even if she could be brought back, she'd be brain-damaged already. Animals will always know what's the best for everyone.

It was actually a miracle that I could wake up with an extremely soft whimper from Lauryn at 4am to find her in her current state and to rush her to the vet. I'm a very heavy sleeper and I slept at 1am that night so chances of me waking up within a few hours was really slim.

After that, I engaged professional Animal Communicators (ACs) because I needed to be sure of what I intuitively knew what caused her death (I learned AC back in 2009, but it's very much harder to gather accurate info. from your own animals because you know them far too well to trust whether the info. you're getting is truly from them or from your sub-consciousness). And only ONE AC got it right. Pretty much described close to 100% what happened exactly during her last moments with me.

Sigh, it's so sad thinking back about Lauryn. I don't think I can go on anymore.

Back to Rei-ki. So, May 2013 finally came. I could've learned from so many other Reiki Masters out there, cheaper by half the investment I paid too, but my friend advised me to only learn from this particular Master/Teacher (Keven). She had personally first learned from another Master, but went on to learn from Keven later on. Rei-ki is all about attunement. If you'd been attuned by Master A for basic reiki, and you wanna proceed on to advance reiki, you can't go on to Master B for it. You've to begin all over again with basic reiki by Master B. You can only be attuned by one teacher for Rei-ki. So my friend learned about Keven and only trusted her.

You see, there is a story behind Usui Rei-ki. There is only ONE lineage to it. There's plenty of Masters out there so its very important to choose the right one. It all started with Dr. Mikao Usui (a Japanese Christian thrologian from Doshisha University in Tokyo who had explored Christian scriptures and Buddhist sutras for more than a decade, in search of the ancient secret) whom discovered Rei-ki. He wanted to know the true art of self-healing. Yes, Rei-ki is a self-healing energy, as sacred as love itself. You receive universal energy through you (a rei-ki channel) and through your hands, you pass on the healing energy to the other party and their bodies absorb it. This is called Contact Healing (aka basic rei-ki or Rei-ki I). Sensations like heat, coldness, numbess, tingling, and the level of flow of energy (ie low, medium, strong flow) etc can be felt in your hands while the other party will feel lots of other sensations depending on individuals. 

Rei-ki channels are not healers. The only healer is YOUR BODY. Rei-ki is simply just another form of holistic healing. A simple analogy to explain the word ''Rei-ki channels, would be a lawn, a water hose and water. The lawn is the Rei-ki recipient, the water hose a Rei-ki channel, and the water is the universal life-force energy. The water is what's helping the lawn grow and the water-hose is what's helping the water pass through to the lawn.

Most importantly, the body must be willing to heal for its Highest Good, otherwise, no amount of rei-ki will help. ''Rei-ki only works for the Highest Good.'' If it is in your highest good to heal, you will. Rei-ki also brings out your inner wisdom and the right people/events into your life.

So many amazing testimonies about Rei-ki. From healing the most damaged/chronic diseased body (so damaged that the person was suicidal) to the point of no return and getting 100% healed by Rei-ki and with no surgeries. A bloody finger being slammed by the car door and left dangling only by a thin piece of skin getting 95% connected back while on the way to the hospital 6 hours drive away simply by rei-ki and all that was needed at the hospital was a very simple stitch. People getting blind and rei-ki their eyes everyday for an hour or so get to retain their perfect sight. Too many amazing testimonies that you'd have to experience for yourself to believe if you're a skeptic. My teacher LOVES skeptics because she was the skeptics of all skeptics. She was a scientist. And scientists would probably be one of the the last ppl on earth to believe in Rei-ki. Again, the body HAS to want to heal in order for Rei-ki to work.

BUT, as my teacher always says, ALWAYS exercise COMMON SENSE. If you chopped off a finger, don't be a smart-alec and try to rei-ki it back! Rush to the hospital and rei-ki it while on the way there.

Our body is so amazing that it actually has the ability to heal itself without us intervening with conventional drugs. I'm not saying that you disregard your doctor's advice. I'm talking about preventing diseases from occurring in the first place with a holistic lifestyle.

Think about how its actually a natural and innate reaction for us to put our palm(s) on any of our injured body-part, ie a bleeding wound from a fall, an aching stomach, etc. This is exactly what Rei-ki I (contact Rei-ki) is all about! Using our hands! But because we do all the wrong things to our bodies that they degenerate so quickly at an abnormal rate. To me, aside from Rei-ki, I believe in a (high-raw) vegan diet full of fruits and more fruits and raw veg (juices or smoothies). And again, Rei-ki is NOT to be abused ie chain smokers who rei-ki themselves while smoking 10 packs of cigarettes a day, or ppl who rei-ki lotteries. Use COMMON SENSE. It's a God-given gift so use it! Love your body enough to treat it right. Our body is afterall a temple of God. And by abusing it, we're only disrespecting ourselves. So try to turn to holistic (healing) lifestyle/treatments if possible.

Rei-ki is also not a religion. We've reverends, priests, buddhists, taoists, hindus, muslims etc as Rei-ki channels. Rei-ki is spiritual. There is a difference between spirituality and religion. Just like how Yoga is spiritual.

And we've a wide array of Rei-ki channels from doctors, nurses, paramedics (very important because it could mean life or death while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital if a paramedic is a Rei-ki channel), teachers especially pre-sch teachers because children are very sensitive to such energies, psychiatrists, jobs that require the use of hands like masseurs, pet groomers, vets, etc. So don't be surprised if the person sitted next to you or your General Practitioner (GP) is a Rei-ki channel. For contact healing, you don't need to place your hands on the body-part directly too if for reasons like privacy issues. Rei-ki can pass through anything ie you can be wearing a steel armor while you're being rei-kied, you can rei-ki water through a cup, etc. And Rei-ki will be absorbed by wherever that the body needs the energy to heal.

As the name Usui Rei-ki suggests, Rei-ki stems from the Japanese (Dr. Mikao Usui is obviously a Japanese) and NOT from Tibet as many would like to think it just because Tibet is a very spiritual place so they assume Rei-ki originated from there. And the Japanese is all about meridians. So Rei-ki is actually about meridians rather than chakras. Many reiki masters out there actually attune the chakras instead. Chakras stem from the Indians, for ie Yoga is all about chakras.

Back to Dr. Mikao Usui, he went to churches, temples etc to seek the truth on self-healing but could not find it no matter how hard he tried. I'm just gonna type whatever I can remember from my head right now. So in end he went on to meditate for 40 days (I think its 40 days) at the mountains with no food or water. He told his family to bring on a search party for him should he not be back by then. During the last day, he opened his eyes and a huge bolt of light came straight at him that he thought it was the end of the world. He let the light hit his head and he fainted. When he awoke, he was ''gifted'' with Rei-ki, a universal self-healing energy.

So he went on to let everyone know of Rei-ki. He went on to live in the slums, to heal beggers. But he soon realized that while he's doing a good deed, it is not so because those beggers came back to the slums instead of finding work outside when they were all well and recovered... because they realized they were too lazy to work and preferred to beg.

So he decided that he should not heal everyone like that because people take things for granted. He had a good friend, Dr Chujiro Hyashi whom he passed on the art of self-healing. There's basically 6 main people in the lineage of Usui Rei-ki. Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Hyashi, Hawaya Takata, Rev. Beth Gray (and her husband, John were the first two masters she created in the Western World, they were Californians), and Barbara McGregor (whom is my teacher's teacher and is still teaching till date).

In the end, Dr. Usui's disciple Dr. Hyashi ended his life nicely with the help of Rei-ki because he didn't want to enter the bloodshed of World War. He was able to use Rei-ki to transition himself, which is pretty amazing. He went peacefully and happily with family and friends by his side. He basically did a ''self-death''. He set a date and time to go. I'm sorry I forgot the exact word to describe it. But you get the idea. He didn't suffer at all. He literally just ''went'' like that. Like a self-termination.

Along the line, because Takata lived in Hawaii and conducted her seminars there, many Rei-ki channels taught under her ''strayed'' because of ego. Ego is a very important aspect that we must learn to put aside. Rei-ki channels are NOT masters/teachers. Some of the black sheep went on to create ''masters'', and then these ''masters'' go on to create other ''masters'' and so on. The Usui Rei-ki that I learned, has only two courses. Rei-ki I (basic, contact healing) and Rei-ki II (advance distant healing and intuitive communication). There is NO Master Level because Masters are chosen. You can't pay to be a Master in 2 or more days. Keven went through 6 years (aside from being a Rei-ki channel first) with her teacher, Barbara McGregor, just to learn to be a Teacher. So we must be careful who we choose to be attuned by. There's MANY unorthodox masters out there and the worst thing that can happen to you is that you might see evil spirits if you're not attuned properly. You don't know where or what the energy really is and where it is coming from.

Rei-ki is a very loving, healing energy and does no harm, but the highest good to all, not just living beings, but even vehicles, TVs, fridges, homes, plants, FOOD etc can be rei-kied to taste better. Wood is also especially good to rei-ki, I'd think it's because wood comes from trees. In R2, you can even rei-ki situations and via distant healing if you can't be present there.

There's also many who abuse the name of Usui Rei-ki by coming up with weird names of their own like ''blablabla Reiki'', fanciful names... some even have 40 levels (AND sub-levels) of Reiki so that you continue paying and paying for the never-ending courses.

So yup, I decided to learn after Lauryn's death so that I will never panic again when things happen to Velvet, Cotton, Chewy or Cherimoya. I learned AC years ago but I realized it is not as useful as Rei-ki because you can't help them to heal or transition them. With Rei-ki II, it comes along with Intuitive Communication (aka AC) and according to my teacher, with Rei-ki's aid, our communication skills would be more defined. If we learn AC without Rei-ki, it'd highly depend on our ''gift''. But with Rei-ki, anyone would be able to do it well.

Rei-ki II also allows the healing energy to be absorbed twice as much.

We can't learn Rei-ki I and II back to back so my next Rei-ki II would be in November and I'd have to attend Rei-ki I all over again (FOC) because R-II is a quantum leap. Rei-ki channels under the network would also be able to attend all the Rei-ki seminars (as long as they're conducted by Teachers within the network) around the world free, for life.

You can learn Rei-ki I from as young as 6 years old. But Rei-ki II is a quantum leap so the minimum age requirement is 18 years and above. Oldest student taught by my teacher is 94 years old. Oldest student in my class was 70+ years old. No one's ever too old for Rei-ki!

Rei-ki also does not need practicing. But of course it is best to use it everyday and not waste our hands! It's good to Re-ki everyday because as the energy flows through you (as a rei-ki channel), you get to keep 50% of the energy while the other 50% goes to the recipient. So it's beneficial to both the rei-ki channel as well as the person who needs it. So the more you do it, the better it is for yourself. It is as described by my teacher, a ''lazy qi gong''. Qi Gong takes over 10 years to master and it uses one's own energy (Qi). Rei-ki on the other hand uses universal healing energy. Lotsa qi gong masters also learned rei-ki from her and they're even able to specifically describe the two different flows of energy (qi gong and rei-ki) in their body. It is really something. Rei-ki truly is the most wonderful gift.

But let's say if you don't use Rei-ki for 10 years and you try using it again, it will work exactly the same as before. Because it is all about attunement. There's also many cheaper courses out there compared to what I paid, but I guess it's all worth it for this gift of self-healing for not only myself, my family, my precious animals, but also for any other animals/humans in need of Rei-ki. Once I've completed R2, I'd be able to send distant healing for many stray/shelter animals, or for my friends' sick animals and in times of emergencies where one needs support. Mainly requires a photo of the human/animal and their name.

I'm very very happy and psyched for R2. Everyday, Velvet and Cotton would automatically come to me for Rei-ki. Cats especially LOVE and enjoy Rei-ki. But Chewy is quite neutral about it, probably she doesn't need it as much. Animals are very sensitive and they know when to ask for it when they need it. Every night I rei-ki them to sleep, and myself if possible. My parents too.

After I acquired the gift of Rei-ki, Velvet and Cotton would lay beside me (one on my left, and the other on my right) every night and want my hands on each of them. So I'd do this every night and then I've no hands left for myself. Either that or when I'm laying on the couch watching TV, either one of them (first come first served!) will jump unto my body and lay vertically on me (head on my chest and legs on my lower body) so that I could lay my hands on them and they'll  fall asleep while I rei-ki them while watching TV. Animals know when it is enough and they'll walk away. Thing is, both Velvet and Cotton flock to me instead of their Daddy so my hands are always busy with them. Rei-ki is a cumulative energy work so the more you do, the better it is for everyone.

I got Ben to learn as well so at least if one of us couldn't do it for reasons like time etc, the other can. It's a HUGE double investment, but definitely worth every single cent.

We also learned about metaphysics between health and emotional/physical issues. When we are sick, it is because of metaphysics. For ie my teacher has MANY cats... her longest lived one (21 years) was a very very happy and carefree cat. One of them has arthritis and she's a very stubborn cat. Her character is very much like Cotton. ie in humans, migraine would most possibly mean you're a perfectionist.

Different organs also signify different issues. ie Liver = anger (think of the word livid which rhymes with liver). So if you're always angry, your liver would be very much affected. Gall bladder issues = impatience, bitterness, anger, frustrations. Stomach issues (digestion) = worry. etc etc.

So basically, HOW and WHAT we feel also defines our animals' health and character very much. They do take on our worries, anger, stress etc besides their own. So it's VERY important to not feel negative all the time and to remember the ideals/principles of Rei-ki (in the pix below). Haven't you noticed that happy animals often come with happy humans? And sickly animals usually come with humans filled with lotsa negative thoughts/emotions.

For those ppl who think you're too lazy to ''learn'' Rei-ki or even use it everyday, don't worry, you can rei-ki yourself ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Whether you're in the office having meetings with big clients doing a presentation (you can rei-ki yourself to be calm in your presentation, yes, rei-ki yourself in front of them!), watching TV, about to fall asleep, standing in a crowded bus etc, you CAN rei-ki yourself! It is that easy!

Yup, that's about it. I shan't go on anymore even though there's still LOTS to be talked about. If you'd like to learn, just google my teacher's name or email me for more info.


our pocket-sized certs. in case of emergencies
where we would like to perform Rei-ki
on strangers (esp. if we've to place our
hands on sensitive body-parts),
we can produce this
to show that we're Rei-ki channels and not perverts

So feel free to request us for Rei-ki. But only contact healing for now until I learn distant healing in November. I wished I had the right info. on Rei-ki back then in 2009 when I learned Intuitive Communication (aka Animal Communication). Like many others, I had all the wrong info. and thought Rei-ki was bad so I chose to learn AC instead (the investment could've been used to cover my R2 course, sigh). But Rei-ki is nothing but good. So like my friend told me, Rei-ki finds you. Well, at least it found me 4 years later from 2009. One really has to have the affinity with it. One thing I love about it is that it teaches one to let go of everything bad because Rei-ki is all about Love. I've learned to forgive everyone in my life. Holding on to negatives issues will cause many health problems in years to come. So it's very very important to LET GO (pix above). Let go, and be happier, healthier and a better person. If you've animals, your animals will thank you for that. If not, you and your surrounding people will be very much thankful for this wonderful change.

Most importantly, I NEVER want to feel helpless and sad ever again if any of my animals are sick. With Rei-ki (combined with AC), you will know exactly what to do as it guides you along. =) Remember, Rei-ki always works for the Highest Good.

So if anyone of you is thinking of learning AC, given my experience with both, I'd highly suggest that you consider Rei-ki instead. Complete Rei-ki I and II and you'll have the gift of contact healing (in R1) and distant healing + Intuitive Communication (in R2). There is only one way to acquiring Rei-ki which requires a Rei-ki Teacher/Master to attune you to be a Rei-ki channel for the energy to pass through you.

There is an FB group called Pets we love - Reiki Distant Animal Healing as well providing support for animals all around the world. 

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