Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cherimoya, the Vegan Syrian Hamster

Cherimoya hates commercial hamster food... those that are just like dogs/cats' kibbles - full of colorings, additives, preservatives etc and are highly processed food.

She also doesn't fancy any meats or eggs at all. Mom gave her some of her home-made dehydrated treats like pork, pig/cow tendons, prawns etc and she just wouldn't gnaw them at all. Mom also doesn't wanna leave raw meats in her bungalow as hamsters hoard their food unlike us dogs and cats. Wouldn't want rotting stench and ants in her bungalow... even then, she doesn't even fancy boiled (quail) eggs.

She'd rather go for all the organic raw veg in her bowl. Some of her favorites are organic corn, organic broccoli, organic dou miao (aka pea shoots) and rolled oats! But she only eats the leaf and not the stem. So Mom gotta pluck out the leaves for her and the stems will be collected to be blended into our organic veg blend. Mom hates wasting food so unless the food is really spoilt, it's deem edible for her. I, take on Mom in this aspect =)

Cherimoya gets a huge variety of organic veg, seeds and supps in her diet. Things like flaxseeds, wolfberries, wheatgerm, ''healthy powder'' and green mush (our supplements actually), oats etc. The more variety, the better. The more colorful the veg, the better!

SO pretty

horse silhouette

eagle silhouette

34 days young and sweet innocent face VS 88 days young
bad-ass punk face (spotting a mohawk too lol).

Mom also gives Cherimoya some dried food that are more natural without colorings etc. But they only make up less than 10% of her diet. Mom will just sprinkle a lil' bit of the dried food (consisting of hay, dried food etc) on her cage floor. One standard small packet can probably last Cherimoya a year or more! Mom initially wanted to import eCOTRITION organic hamster food blend for her but it seems that it doesn't ship to SG directly and so we'll just make do with this since it makes up so lil' of her entire diet.

And check out this Vegan Hamster blog too! Mom didn't make Cherimoya vegan... Cherimoya just doesn't fancy any meats. Altho it's a fact that they are insectivores in the wild, and ppl feed live mealworms to their hams at home... but Mom is totally so afraid of ANY worms that one can just murder her by throwing a handful of (dead) worms at her, not to mention LIVE worms. So sadly, Cherimoya won't be trying out any worms... and yes it is Mom's fault.

But it is also a fact that protein in veg is actually way higher (more than double for certain veg) than animal protein. Google that and you'll realize it. That is why there's currently so many vegan bodybuilders out there and they're no different or even better than their meat-eating counterparts.

So yup, that is the power of (organic) greens.

Mom bought a syrian hamster leash a few months ago and hadn't used it on Cherimoya yet. She's still quite small at only 110g now. Her litter-mates are all around her weight or lighter... this batch of pups are not the big heavyweight syrians =( but nonetheless, as long as Cherimoya's healthy, Mom says.

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