Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Usui Rei-ki on our Website

Mom has updated our website with a summary of Usui Rei-ki along with some cute illustrations drawn by Dad, along with some price changes for a few treats. Click here to view it.

As stated, 40% of the proceeds will go towards Mom's chosen shelter. It's not meant to be a ''business'' nor a profiting one. Mom's primary intention is to raise awareness for Usui Rei-ki. She's also not charging for her friends or for emergency issues requested by strangers.

It would be best if you're open to acquiring Rei-ki. If you are, just drop Mom an email and she'll fill you in on the details on the next seminar and all. It's only twice a year so if you miss this coming one in May, you'll have to wait till November. No, the seminar is not conducted by Mom in case you're mistaken that she's in for monetary issues by promoting it.

Mom always says if she were rich or strike the lottery, she'd gladly sponsor 20 people (who can't afford it) for the seminar. It's truly a wonderful gift to acquire because you will not feel helpless whenever your animals are sick or passing on. Mom's focusing more on animals here but it works the same for anything be it humans, animals, inanimate objects, situations, etc.

In case you have no idea what Usui Rei-ki is all about, refer here: Rei-ki I and Rei-ki II for more details.

Mom is also thinking of blogging about some cases if she has the time to as they can be VERY lengthy to type... leaving her wrecking her brains summarizing everything.

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