Friday, January 10, 2014

Cherimoya with her step-sister, Pitaya!

First blog post of the year 2014! We've Cherimoya together with Pitaya. Grandma Honey has passed on from a tooth root abscess and Mom hasn't blogged about her yet... maybe another time... first post of the new year should be a joyful one right?

Pitaya is Cherimoya's younger step-sis, only younger by 69 days. They share the same sire. Cherimoya's calico coat has a deeper orange and lighter black compared to Pitaya with a yellowish tone with a deeper black. 

Both of them are so cute that I cannot resist running from Cherimoya to Pitaya and from Pitaya to Cherimoya! No thanks to Mom trying to get me all psyched up shouting ''where's cherimoya?! where's pitaya?!'' when both of them come out to play.

This is the second time Mom and Dad attempted a photoshoot involving two syrian hamsters. The first was with Grandma Honey. Syrians are solitary creatures so Mom had to be extra careful to not let them be too close to prevent a fight. She doesn't think they would fight though, but better to be cautious.

First up is Cherimoya's BUTT! She should be thinking, ''RUN!! Another dumb shoot! Cherimoya coming through! Make wayyyyy shoooo!!''

nudging through like a lil' doggie!

Pitaya in the blue trolley

can u recognize who's who?

oh hai! i'm lil' Pitaya! my name means dragonfruit

that's the closest shot of them ever!

cherimoya in her apple house


check out the cute mouth

Pitaya says TGIF ya'all! with a wolfberry haha

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