Monday, October 6, 2014

Kranji Farms

We (including the grams) went to a few farms in Kranji including the organic veg farms to get our veg! Cool place and we'll be back there again!

Dogs are also allowed at the cafe because the owner has over 10 dogs of her own! Big ones. Although the cafe isn't vegan, but they do customize the dishes to be vegan. Mom's fav is the fried moringa. Not so healthy but awesomeeeee she says. No I didn't get any since they're deep-fried.

flowers flowers!

eyeing those big in-house doggies

we all love coco-nuts!

we are ''For Sale but only to rich foreigners!'' LOL

just minding our own businesses.........

there's over 10 more inside the villa! with a huge pond too

awesome place......

grandpa kept telling mom to look out in case we fall into the pit
behind. LOL

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