Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Soft Lump On My Inner Trunk and Surgery

On Apr 1st (yea april's fool but not!), Mom saw a tiny area of black ''dirt'' (or so she thought) on my left inner trunk so being itchy-fingers her, she tried to ''dig'' it out. It did not not come off, but also turned into a ''bubble''! So Mom was shocked. Pictures later on.

The ''bubble'' was pinkish and really soft. It was sticking outta my skin and it can move left right up down wherever.....

So Mom thought that we would just monitor it. She sprayed colloidal silver on it etc and reiki-ed it too. It soon became blackish but still real soft and ''bubbly''. After that it kinda became flatter and dryer like a tick.

We went for our annual bloodwork in Aug and had the vet have a look at it. She didn't thought it looked good. Her words, ''the color is worrying and it could be cancerous.'' We did a Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) to try draw some cells out to have a look but since the lump was SO tiny and soft, no cells could be drawn out. Well, a teeny weeny amount actually, which she says she thinks it wouldn't be enough to see anything. Better not to waste the money sending it to the lab.

So her next suggestions were:

1) Go under a light sedation to remove a portion of it (note that its already SO TINY in the first place) and send it for biopsy the nature of the lump or whether its cancerous anot etc. Results would then determine how much area to remove so it would have a safe margin. Meaning go under GA TWICE. This would cost roughly $700+ for the 1st surgery and $900+ for the 2nd surgery. Excluding GST etc. Not sure if it includes cost of biopsy.

2) Remove the entire lump at one go and send it for biopsy. Risk in this is if it turns out cancerous and the marginal area is not removed enough then a 2nd surgery is needed to remove more.

So Mom made an appt with this vet for the 1st option. As to why she wants to remove it... because any lumps on the body has a chance of turning cancerous if left long enough. But upon 2nd tots and advice from cushla's mom... she decided to ask this vet for a referral letter (paid S$32.10 for it) to a specialist, Dr. Landon for a 2nd opinion. Afterall, a specialist eyes and hands are way better. You need a referral letter to see Dr. Landon btw. He is a specialist in orthopedic.

Of we went to Dr. Landon and guess what?! One look and touch at it and he said its definitely NOT cancer and its just a minor issue. Although it hasn't grown since Apr, it's still best to remove it since its on my inner trunk. Cuz if it grows in future, it might get caught in grass etc if I run around alot. If it were on say my back, it would be less of a hassle. It would be also more difficult to remove it if it grows much bigger in future. Since Dr. Landon was confident its more of a non-issue and a benign lump, it means surgery is not urgent. But Mom just wants to get it done and over with.

Dr. Landon's consultation fee is really ex at S$160.50 but Mom thinks its totally worth it for more specialized eyes and hands.

Mom booked an appt with him for the surgery. He said it would be a quick one except waiting for me to wake up from the GA.

Surgery was on the morning of 18 Aug 2014. Mom walked me around the estate there for an hour before sending me in to be sedated. I think I was sent in at 10am and Mom waited there. I was out and running at 12pm! Yes! Out and the first thought on my mind (aside from Mom) was my white kitty cat outside the clinic! I even jumped around in the car backseat frontseat to and fro! Mom almost fainted.

So biopsy was done and Dr. Landon informed Mom of the results. All's good and well. Went back 2 weeks later to remove my stitches too as well as get the report. Ah did Mom mention that the stitches were done REAL NEAT AND GOOD?! Dr. Landon told Mom to NOT let me jump up and down for 2 weeks but I did the opposite.

Ok pictures time.

10 Apr

17 Aug day before surgery

18 Aug. Just before surgery!

for Mom to sign

couple hours later... my lump sent for biopsy. its at the corner of the bottle.

can't wait to see kitty cat! they tied a cute ribbon on me lol. not that i care

this cat! right outside the clinic!
i think she's the leader of the pack

back at home

24 Aug

super neat stitches. how gd the stitches are affects us as well

i did not to wear the cone of shame too. mom's fwens were very surprised
but i guess it's mainly due to the well-done stitches which made me
feel pain-free. not once did i attempt to scratch/lick it.

1st consultation fee

Surgery fee. I'd say same price as normal vet's.
but under better hands.

biopsy results sent to Canada (if mom remembered correctly).
Best to send it overseas rather than locally.

Mom strongly believes in 2nd or even 3rd opinions. Especially so on Chewy's previous case as well. If Mom hadn't seeked other opinions, things wouldn't have gone so smoothly. Dr. Landon and his team are by far the most ethical (and best) vets Mom has come across by far. It's definitely worth the extra effort to seek their opinion in all matters. Dr. Landon even said he wishes everyone were like Mom, coming to him while the issue is still very minor, as oftentimes, it's too late to do anything.

So that's about it! Oh yea most vets have also said that I've cataract while others say its just Nuclear Sclerosis (typical aging of eye lens which does not affect sight, unlike cataract). Mom had Dr. Landon take a look and he said its the latter. Mom would rather believe him. So do u see...... so many conflicting opinions... makes Mom wish we could just walk-in to Dr. Landon for any issues rather than needing a referral letter from normal vets. 

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