Thursday, July 28, 2016

Velvet's Ultrasound (2016)

This year, Mom managed to book Dr. S who is a heart specialist sonagrapher, and who also happens to be Dr. F.s mentor. It's extremely important to have a good songrapher to read the scans well.

For full detailed post on ultrasound (last year's results), please refer [ here ]. I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) Class B1 (which requires no medication) last year (at 10.5 yrs young). Since then, Mom has not only been reiki-ing my heart alot, and has been supplementing me with certain heart supplements (click HERE for all my heart supps)

The good news is, my condition is maintained at Class B1 for over a year now. Hopefully it remains at this stage consistently throughout my life.

For dogs with heart problems, you may like to refer to this article. Mom has heard of others with success stories following this therapy: click [ HERE ] and spoken to them to find out more regarding it. (Zoe in the screenshot below is a Golden Retriever with a (either a Class B1 or) Class B2 MVD when diagnosed at age 5, in case you're wondering).

For link to ubiquinol details, click [ here ]

Can't stress the importance of going for both abdominal (all organs) and cardiac (heart) scan regardless of age. Mom's friend's 6 yrs young dog went for their first scan recently as a general check and got diagnosed with a Class B1 MVD. Good thing is its discovered now rather than later so the necessary steps can be taken before it actually worsens without anyone's knowledge. That is exactly how dogs suddenly pass on from cardiac issues despite having perfect blood test results and seemingly no medical issues.

This year, I saw Dr. S instead of Dr. F last year. Dr. S is Dr. F's mentor and is only in town a few times a year. So she happened to be in town during my appointment date and Mom thought might as well book Dr. S (even though her pricing is higher than Dr. F). Dr. S also specializes in cardiac ultrasound for cats, which explains why she's always fully booked once she's in town. Just a note that both Dr. F and Dr. S are image specialists (sonagraphers). Better to go to them instead of normal vets in Mom's opinion.

Sad thing is I've developed cataract in my right eye which was shown in the scan (yes, you can scan eyes too). Left eye is still perfectly fine, thankfully.

Mom only had me for the ultrasound and blood test this year because firstly it's very costly. Secondly, Cotton's results last year were excellent and she really seems too good with no issues. And thirdly, Chewy also had hers done last year and is only 6 years young this year... so she can skip too as her results were perfect. Mom is also considering bringing me for a scan once every 6 months instead of once annually. It's really costly so that will remain on her consideration list.

Since it's just me this year, Mom will just upload all the images of the scan.

Abdominal Ultrasound (all organs):

Eye Ultrasound (Opthalmic Ocular):

Cardiac Ultrasound (doppler echocardiography):

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