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Cardiotrophin PMG (Standard Process)

Cardiotrophin PMG is what Mom feels is primarily vital for my Class B1 MVD. We've been on it for over a year, probably started on it in Aug 2015. Since no medications are needed for my condition for that stage, Mom maintains it by giving me a few different heart supplements. So far so good for over a year without any deterioration and the sonagrapher is pretty pleased with the results. Click [ here ] for ultrasound posts.

Mom blends one tablet per day with our organic raw veg smoothie (for better absorption) and it's shared by Cotton and me. So that adds up to half a tablet for each of us per day.

Do note that this is a whole-food based supplement and is NOT a pet-grade supplement. However, it is widely recommended by many holistic vets for the use in dogs and cats with heart conditions.

It is also only sold through doctors and vets as Standard Process is a prescription supplement. So Mom imports it from a vet and if anyone wishes to tag along for the next order (details up in awhile) for cheaper rates, do email Mom. The order is NOT limited to just Cardiotrophin PMG, but any supplement from Standard Process range. However, a brief description of the animal is needed for the vet to ok it.

Consolidation will be up to 25 bottles as that's the maximum that could fit into the flat-rate shipping box. The order will probably take place in early 2017 so Mom's hoping to consolidate all orders for it by then. Each bottle is at USD16 (90 tablets) and a flat international shipping rate of USD65 (max of 25 bottles in a box) or a rough estimation of USD12 to a freight forwarder address in USA (excluding shipping fees from there to SG).

There is another supplement by Standard Process called Cardio-Plus, but it contains a whole lot of other ingredients unlike Cardiotrophin PMG which is primarily just bovine heart PMG extract. Cardiotrophin PMG is the one to go for if you're looking for a more ''focused'' direction like us.

Mom's reiki teacher recommends up to three tablets for me alone after doing applied kinesiology (aka muscle testing) on me. You can read up on muscle testing on your own if you'd like.

So anyways, Mom decided to stick with just one tablet per day shared between Cotton and me because it isn't organic, which means it contains binders, fillers AND calcium stearate. She doesn't wanna tax my liver to filter those out especially with calcium stearate (you can google about it if you've no idea what it is). The supplement is good, but Mom just wishes it didn't contain calcium stearate .

And so far, my Class B1 MVD is maintained at this stage for over a year. So for now, Mom will just stick to this dosage until next year's ultrasound scan.

On a side note, quite a few holistic vets actually recommend Standard Process supplements (despite it being a prescription supplement). Read [ here ] .

Back to topic, what is PMG you may ask? It is short for Protomorphogen. If you're a wordy person like Mom and likes to know EVERYTHING for our health, read on.

Protomorphogen™ Brand Extract ( LINK )
In the 1940's, Dr. Royal Lee pioneered a unique method of deriving extracts from the "cell determinants" of specific organs and glands for clinical use. Dr. Lee described in detail what these extracts contained and how they functioned in regard to cell regulation, maintenance, and interaction with tissue antibodies. It is clear both from the description of the extraction process and clinical use that these extracts differ from what is commonly referred to as "glandulars." Furthermore, because these extracts have a distinct clinical application and effect, they should not be confused with glandulars, or be referred to simply as "protomorphogens." Rather, Protomorphogen™ is the trademark owned and used by Standard Process Inc., as a brand name assigned to these uniquely derived extracts.
The cell determinant contains the thermostable mineral skeleton that forms the framework onto which the chromosome is then constructed. It is believed that this mineral skeleton, along with its associated nucleoproteins, forms the shortest unit of the chromosome. This unit, the cell determinant, is easily polymerized to form organized groups of cell determinants that in turn form the gene, and genes then form the chromosome. The basic structure of the cell determinant is predicated on the specific chemical affinities of the mineral components. Dr. Lee believed that the influence of the cell determinant is due, in large part, to the organized groups of mineral links that serve both as a template and a catalyst to initiate the formation of specific protein molecules. At its most basic level, the attached nucleoprotein moiety is simply attracted and bound due to this chemical affinity of the mineral skeleton. It follows then that the individual genetic pattern is actively formed over this basic framework.

While in the cell determinant state, there appears to be an affinity for lipid substances and a high degree of absorption onto connective tissue. The amount of cell determinant in the surrounding extracellular fluid has an impact on cell  division. It has been demonstrated that when cell determinant levels are low, cell division decreases. In similar fashion, when higher concentrations are present, cell division is inhibited. These studies show that stimulation is exerted by both homologous and heterologous cell determinants, while inhibition is exhibited by homologous cell determinants. It is critical to note that this stimulation effect is specifically related to normal cellular growth and not the stimulation of abnormal cell patterns.
It also appears that cell determinants can group to form cell-mediated growth factors. There are a number of cell-mediated growth factor cycles. These include the determinant cycle, which is specifically concerned with the organization of cell morphology, and the metabolic cycle, which is related to cellular energy mechanisms.

At mitosis, the chromosome discharges a significant amount of chromatin into the cytoplasm. This organizes the morphology of the cell cytoplasm. The metabolic cycle may be an augmented manifestation of the determinant cycle. It is interesting to note that synthesis and excretion of cell determinants is a dynamic process and appears to occur independently of the determinant cycle, since extracellular cell determinants continue to accumulate even after cell division ceases.
Cell determinants are found intact throughout the body and play a role in cell growth and regulation. Proper ratios of intracellular and extracellular cell determinants are critical for optimal cellular health. It appears that poor cellular function and abnormal cellular growth may have their roots in abnormalities of the cell determinant cycles. Based on this hypothesis, adding Protomorphogen™ brand extracts has been shown to help maintain cellular health. This effect is believed to be the result of keeping the cellular processes in proper balance. In an atmosphere of appropriate cellular balance, maintenance and normalization of the cell cycle can occur; especially in the presence of suitable, biochemical supportive nutrients known to have significant influence upon the organ in question, for example, vitamin A on the eyes.
The use of Protomorphogen™ brand extracts can aid in maintaining normal cellular metabolism and cell cycling. This is an important feature that should not be overlooked and is perhaps one of the most important aspects for using Protomorphogen™ brand extracts in the clinical setting. Of equal importance, it is essential to consistently provide proper nutritional synergists for cellular support.
This will improve the efficacy of the clinical application of Protomorphogen™ brand extracts.

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