Thursday, February 14, 2008

My 2008 Family Reunion

We went to visit my biological family today. My Mommy (Girl Girl), brother (Tagen) & sister (Mei Mei).

Mommy Girl Girl & me...

Girl Girl Mommy looks like a ball!

reunion wit my sis & bro!

he's my brother!

my family!

my Girl Girl Mommy & Cotton wit Me!

Boo aka Kash the black standard poodle!

100% vs 400%

um? oranges?

the white 1 tries to eavesdrop...

i caught them both!

Mei Mei & Me

Girl Girl Mommy was so thristy!

this is Girl Girl's Mommy fav. play! she smiles wen doin dis!

my Girl Girl Mommy has a missin tooth! Apparently, it dropped off cuz it was decayed.. my poor poor Girl Girl Mommy......

this is Laven (the landseer) & Boy Boy (Miniature Schnauzer)

Boy Boy & Me...

im awiz the lone-ranger...

Finally, our family pix!

I luv my family!

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