Sunday, February 10, 2008

Speak No Nonsense

Mom is pretty pissed off wit some smart alecs today @ a CNY gatherin. Apparently, I was sittin on Mommy's lap while she was eatin on a bar table... & this relative, lets juz call him... 'ABC'. this ABC sat rite next to us & startin yakkin away to Mommy... sayin:

"ur dog (meanin me, Velvet), is a very dangerous & aggressive dog. she needs to be controlled in public." & Mom replied sayin no, im not an aggressive dog @ all as she off leahes me in beaches & erm... in huge greeny OPEN fields.

then, ABC went on n on sayin stuffs like, "u better nt do dat or ur gonna get SUED sooner or later as she's a really aggressive n dangerous dog." (oh juz FYI, wen i was bout a yr old & visited his place, he had the nerves to suggest to Mom to bring me to a vet to PLUCK off my beautiful white TEETH as they're soooo sharp & pose a DANGER to PEOPLE!)

Then Mom went on to explain that dangerous aggressive dogs DO NOT sit beside u like that so calmly. u'll be ripped apart already. & guess wat??? he IGNORED Mom! pretendin to get some food!!!!

Ok, the reason why he believe im SOOO DANGEROUS & AGGRESSIVE is becuz wen i was bout a yr old, his wife took off a chew toy off my mouth... & I was only tryin to grab it bac wit my mouth & somehow or rather, my beautiful sharp teeth scraped her hand.. n she got a wound. But I swear i DID NOT mean to bite her! I was only tryin to get my toy bac! Frm then on... his entire family deemed me as a SUPER AGGRESSIVE & DANGEROUS DOG who deserves to hav her teeth plucked out.

Anyways, howeva AGGRESSIVE & DANGEROUS he said of me to be, his 2 daughters carried me around in their arms today. hmm... i wonder y their arms are stil attached to them...

Then... the white one, Cotton, has a thing wit strangers whom she hasn't met b4. Becuz she is a timid timid lil' white thing, she has to be approached the CORRECT way. In a very CALM, dominatin authority. (Mom: U can see in the pictures below how fwenly she is to all my friends)

Also, she tends to be better behaved to strangers when they've their dogs around wit them.

& ABC's wife had to go around tellin ppl that Cotton is ANGRY wit her as she kept barkin @ her both yesterday @ today. Mom actually felt like tellin her dat how in the hell would Cotton be ANGRY wit her when she hasn't met her b4????

Us dogs live in the moment... juz FYI. we do not bear grudges like you sinful humans.

To say that Cotton is ANGRY becuz she is barkin @ her is akin to sayin that babies are all borned wit much ANGST as they're awiz CRYIN (same as barkin) wen dey're carried. It is also akin to sayin that lions attack deers becuz they're ANGRY wit the deers. Or that the wild bear attacked the hunter becuz it is ANGRY wit the hunter.

So on & so forth, u get the idea? Silly ain't it now that I've these analogies for u.

Please understand that dogs hav dogs' psychology juz like humans hav human psychology. If u dunno all these, please keep silly & ridiculous comments to urself.

Another thing is, ABC's younger daughter was strokin Cotton's fluffy fur... & asked her elder sis (dey're in their early 20s, mind u) to come feel it as its so thick n soft n fluffy. Then came the moment when Mom heard the elder sis' comment bout Cotton:

"eeee, see her face so scary."

(Mom: look... my bitches are NOT there for u to CRITICISE yea. it is NOT her fault that she is borned wit Entropion (an eye condition) that causes excessive tear stains & thus, stainin her fur. If ur even tinkin dat its becuz im lazy to clean her face... PLEASE for gdness sake google up the word "ENTROPION" yea.

Would you like it if i said y is ur kid soooo dark skinned while ur so fair??? eeewww ur baby's sooo ugly! so dark face! looks so grumpy & SCARY! oooo u luv it eh? i bet u do... since u so openly commented dat while im around.

& juz FYI, Cotton is NOT a "FIERCE" dog. she is a TIMID dog which explains her barkins to strangers. This is becuz when i 1st got her @ 3mths old, I happen to hav to undergo a surgery & thus, had to spend months recuperatin @ hm as it took very long for the pain to subside. even til now it still hurts every now & then. Thus, she missed those crucial months of her puppyhood time to socialize well wit strangers.

again, try to google out some dog behaviour sites yea... instead of sayin ooooooo cotton is sooo ANGRYwit me! (when she hasn't even met u b4). plz dun b ridiculous. now do u noe how freakin ridiculous you sound???

to hell wit educated & civilized ppl manz... when ur gonna so openly CRITISIZE other ppl's pets.. in this case, i treat my bitches as dear as my life... i dun care if u dun feel nor treat ur 2 dogs this way. dats too bad for u, & that's ur life.

But spare a tot for others yea...


1 last thing... plz google wat a REAL DOG BITE is. the most MINOR 1 is where erm... the canine teeth reaches to ur bone... & erm.. u gotta b admitted to hospital.. get ur hand jabbed & bandaged... as well as erm... u can't MOVE ur hand for an ENTIRE MONTH. plus, u get major headaches, fevers etc almost daily... yipz... this is a real life experience. so please do noe how to differentiate between a BITE & A NIP yea....
Cheers! frm the........ most....................................

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