Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here are some pix @ MAAD (Market of Artists And Designers) last weekend. It's held on every 1st weekend of every month inside the Red Dot Museum.

our humble lil' stall

& here's me with Grandpa

Starr Starr lookin real bored

& guess who's here entertainin Starr!

MAAD's Resident Dogs: "White Dog Bobby" (15 yr old Maltese), & Hungry (a 3 yr old Italian Greyhound aka I.G. or Iggy)!

lookin alot like Starr! his owners were really fwenly too & even wanna draw Starr like how she awiz draws Hungry!

inside (Red Dot Museum) was really cold... & dats y Bobby's wearin a 'sweater'

& erm... a pampers as well due to his old age

we posed for 15 mins for a group of illustrators & artists!

organized by O.I.C.

see see.... all the illustrators/artists drawin us

we bought (1), (2) & (3)! it takes more than the average eyes to appreciate such abstract art-pieces done within 15mins. Dad LOVED (4) but unfortunately for some reason Mom didn't rily wannit initially. In the end, an art-exhibitor bought (4) along with (5)! He was really impressed with that particular illustrator & even asked Mom for permission to buy those drawins of Starr (altho he rily didn't have to)!

The theme for this month's O.I.C's is using recycled papers. Thus, u see lotsa cardboards & normal papers up there.

It was fun overall for 2 days. Almost every1 loves dogs there... & since Hungry's so famous, lotsa ppl saw Starr & commented dat dey're cousins cuz dey look so alike even tho' they're of different breeds.

Even our (stall) neighbors loved us & carried us when they were bored. Ahhhhh..... dats wat u call a cool & cold (literally) chill-out museum with some doggie fwens & fans!

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