Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock N Roll Elvis

Some updates on Starr

this is Black Jack (Jack Jack), 1 of Starr's MANY biological brothers. a beautiful Full-Brindle

Starr (currently clockin @ around 12+kg @ 5mths 2wks old)

in the daytime, he's in his playpen most of the time. Currently he's havin bout 2-3walks & some free-runs/jogs a day. The furthest he's clocked for his walk would be 6km in a day. Usually its bout 4-5km daily tho'.

It's so unfair, we only get a maximum of 2-3km per day.

But he's still not used to be alone in the playpen. He'll whine like a chicken, esp when I start playin peepin-tom wit him frm outside ;p

Neways, the Star of the day is neither Starr nor ME! Mom went over to see handsome Elvis w/o MEEEE today!!! How could she bear to even do this? I've no idea wat goes on in her evil brain~

Then she showed me these pix of him wen she came home:

Mom says he's awiz so smiley

his mommy tied a mini top-knot for him, which accordin to Mom, his ma called it a coconut head

Mom says, despite his massive drools after walks & plays, his muzzle's still sooo white! Unlike mine!!

Mom keeps sayin awww he's SO CUTE, SO FLUFFY, SO WHITE, SO BLABLA BLA YADA YADA YADA, but I simply can't bring myself to believe it til I see it for myself!!!

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