Monday, December 12, 2011

Brother Cat's Neuter

With Mother Cat spayed already, she still has intact siblings out there... both males & females. All of them are of very similar colors & markings esp the area around their face & eyes. One of the males is too skittish to be captured while the other intact male & female are okay. So Mom had a slot booked for one of her brothers some time back, caught him last night & brought him down to the vet to be neutered this mornin', collected him at 1830 hours & released immediately.

Sigh... there's another black&white intact (male), an intact female ginger & a baby black kitty (baby of Mother Cat) as well. So it's a total of about five more intact cats there of which one brother cannot be captured. The cost is still pretty okay for Mom to handle as the sterilization slots are booked under Cat Welfare Society (CWS) & are discounted for strays. Usual price for female cats is S$85 onwards and S$65 for male cats. The rates for strays are S$31.20 for female cats & S$21.40 for males at this particular clinic... GST included. There would be reimbursement from CWS too.

Hopefully Mom will get them all spayed & neutered soon to prevent anymore litters.

night of 11122011

the face of a cassanova

still intact jewels

12122011 neutered & released!

another intact sister

no more balls!

but still as charmin'

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