Friday, December 9, 2011

Chewy & Patches Part I

A kitty cat named Patches came for boardin' from 1st Dec 2011 to 8th Dec 2011 and she looks just like our Chewy! Only smaller, wayyyy cuter & a thousand times a purrrr-er than Chewy. Pat was adopted last month from LiFeline that has many many other cats & kittens for adoption. So if you're lookin' to adopt a kitteh, here's another adoption site that you may consider adoptin' from.

Don't know why cats hiss at one another cuz that was exactly what Chewy did to scare lil' Patches all day long. Pat on the other hand was so good (& scared).

After a couple of days the hissings lessened. Pat was a see-no-touch for us pups so you could imagine my high tolerance level because I just loveeeee birds and kitties so much!

Here's some pix of lil' Patpat



Chewy's orange tone is much darker than Patches'

Pat got startled by our barks

but calmed down soon

Pat on Chewy's ikea bed

approx. 18 months young & approx. 6 months young

More pix & vids comin' up in Part II & III!

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