Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mother Cat and her Brother

Mom ''visited'' Mommy Cat and fed her today. She's happy back at her territory and she makes sure to guard it darn well too by chasin' other cats away... includin' males that are bigger than her... one we suspect is her biological brother because of very similar color and markings.

Baby Kitty wasn't around but she did carry the food and called out for her. Mom says they'll be catchin' her brother soon to neuter him. There's abt 5 or so intact kitties there so it will take some time to sterilize them all one by one...

Pictures time! It was taken at around 2000 hours with a phone camera.

Mother Cat

Brother Cat. Similar color, facial and paw markings

Very territorial chasin' her brother away time and again

a very very clean and thorough eater but not greedy at all. Rather play 1st...

Mom will be bookin' another sterilization slot for whichever cat that they're able to get hold of when the date's nearin'.

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