Monday, November 28, 2011

Mommy Kitty and Baby Kitty's Release

Mother Cat was spayed on 24112011 and thanks to Cat Welfare Society (CWS), Mom was able to spay her at a stray sterilization rate of only S$32.10 in total includin' GST. Luckily there wasn't any complications involved as well. She was one tough Mommy because she didn't look like she had gone through any surgeries at all. Ahhh... did I mention that Dad was able to bathe both Mommy and Baby Kitty too w/o any struggles at all??

Side-track a lil' more... Mommy Kitty managed to escape not once, not twice, but thrice through a window in the room that has a loose lock. Even tho' Dad used quite alota stuff to block it, she still managed to open it & went out for some strolls. And yea all three times Dad was able to get her back because she sat at the exact same spot all the time waitin' for them to go get her LOL! The first time Mom used Animal Communication to get her back but that too took abt half a day to get to her because it was rainin' dogs and cats and she was probably happily nappin' in some sheltered area... makin' Mom search for her under the heavy rain =[ . After that, she remained at the exact same spot with her other escapes. She is definitely one amazin' kitty.

The vet did an internal stitching for her and she had the mood to still eat and drink immediately when home (unlike Chewy before), not to mention cuddlin' her baby too. It's such a pity that no one wants to adopt her because she's just sooooo affectionate!

No e-collar was needed for her at all since it was an internal stitch. So Mom decided to release both of them today. This was when Mommy first brought them home on 06112011... and now here's some pix of them before they left...

Baby Kitty has grown quite a lil' in just 3 weeks!

pretty and super manja

Hopefully Mom will be able to catch you in a few mths time to ''fix'' u

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mymeowz said...

Wow this mommy kitty is amazing..after operation like nothing like that. I was super drugged out and cranky after my operation and threw up so many times after Mummy tried to feed me. I was in so much pain that Mummy cried all night. It took me a few days to get to somewhat normal...