Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mommy Kitty Eatin' Raw Chicken

Mom fed Mommy Kitty with raw meats today and was very surprised that she took to raw foods so well instantly! Mom fed her commercial wet cat food yesterday but decided to try switch her to raw foods today as her poo seriously stank to the max.

She not only ate immediately but also ate the meats of two whole drumsticks! So far all the stray dogs/cats (eg Gigi the JRT, our once-a-stray Chewy) that Mom brought home have taken to raw foods so well. Maybe it's thanks to our good (raw) energy and vibes that we send out to them heh. True carnivores do not need any crash-course on how-to-eat-raw-meats-and-bones. All they need is the right energy vibes and the knowledge by their humans. If you feel grossed out or ''feel'' that they won't like their raw meats then of course you're bound to expect hesitation on their part! Just like if you're a mother and you're afraid to enter a certain place because you ''sense'' danger, would you child sense it too via your body language and energy and feel vulnerable? If you feel happy and safe to enter the place, likewise your child would too. It is the EXACT same analogy for our animals. Energy is just so, so important.

Mommy Kitty ate her 1st serving of one whole raw chicken drumstick meats without hesitant so Mom gave her another serving. She whacked them up again! She's quite skinny now so she'll need more than the usual amount of food.

This only proves one thing. You can never remove the instinct and needs of a natural raw diet in dogs/cats. Dogs and cats have only been domesticated for about 15,000 years (for dogs) and about 9,500 years for cats. Sharks have been in existence for millions of years and have their biological anatomy changed one bit? No. So what makes people actually think that the biological anatomies of dogs/cats have evolved to eatin' and digestin' grains and starches in only 15,000 years??

This is one quote that Mom saw and found it so, so true. Note the words in bold.

''The teeth never lie. BIOLOGICAL ANATOMY TRANSCENDS ALL POLITICS, MOTIVES AND BELIEFS. It just simply IS. Just because a dog has a shiny coat and appears beautiful on the outside, doesn't mean they aren't falling apart on the inside. There are dogs in the show ring on the bench trial circuit winning points and titles everyday that eat garbage kibble. They may be beautiful on the outside. On the ...inside, we know it is a different story. You don't just want your dog or cat to survive. You want them to thrive. Optimal health, TRUE health, is only achieved by an animal consuming a diet appropriate to their biological design and nutritional requirements. Then and only then will you see TRUE beauty manifested in their demeanor, their coats, their overall body condition and tone and their internal health through improved immune system function. I would no sooner feed my dogs a vegetarian or vegan diet than I would offer a goat carcass for my horses to consume. It is not my intent to attack or belittle. My only intent is help educate through knowledge and experience.''

It's the exact instant for humans. We were never designed to consume (cooked) meats at all because of our teeth and biological anatomy, not to mention cooked foods become carcinogenic which is why diseases like cancer and organ failures are so common amongst us when really, the human body should never ever suffer from such diseases. Raw meats for humans, yes, but ONLY from organic sources... and eaten without any marinatin' for taste... these people are known as Raw-Foodists. Natural carnivores like dogs/cats will never suffer from clogged arteries from eatin' meats and fats unlike humans. Why? Cuz Mom believes cholesterol has been called ''the animals' revenge'' because the animals you eat leave a little bit of themselves behind in your arteries everytime you eat them and they will kill you from their graves. Humans in modern day now do not even need an ounce of meat to survive because we no longer hunt for our foods which would require a huge amt of energy nor do we run from home to work and vice-versa (we drive basically). So unless you're a traditional eskimo living in an igloo with minus zero degrees celcius with only wild fishes swimmin' in the waters available for you to hunt for survival, you really do not need any meats or dairy products to clog up your arteries.

Okay just a lil' info for everyone there. Here's a vid and some pix of Mommy Kitty eatin' her 2nd raw chicken drumstick meats and her Baby leapin' around.

finished two whole chic drumstick's meat (that was her 2nd plate)

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