Monday, November 14, 2011

Fallin' Into Drain on Binary Day

We'd like to thank all of you who's been followin' our blog... especially to some very special people who seem to hate our Mommy (& accused her of STARVING us) but yet are still followin' our blog VERY diligently. We're flattered.

11th of November 2011 (111111) was such a special date that Mom had to take a pix of us. BUT right before the pix was snapped, I saw a cute lil' squirrel & chased him. In my most frantic state state of mind & supersonic speed, I failed to notice a deep drain & fell right into it while chasin' him... worse part was I just couldn't climb out cuz it was so high. So Daddy had to come rescue me. How embarassin' that was... not to mention I was all wet (& happy too) and Mom was just glad that I didn't sustain any injuries from the fall. Well, I'm super-velvet and this fall ain't gonna get me down!

So to all our fans & erm... (Mom's) haters...  this is the best pix we've (of the STARVING us) for you on 11112011.

the STARVING (to run and play) Natural Pawpals. Oh just look at all our STARVING & sad faces... I was still droolin' at the squirrel while the other three were droolin' at Mom waitin' to eat her up for lunch.

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