Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx Erithacus)

Last year today (10112010), Mom picked up Chewy. Today (10112011), Mom picked up a Black-Backed Kingfisher. (side-track... Happy 1 year with us Chewy!)

While outside, Dad chanced upon a tiny drenched bird on the ground durin' a downpour at about 1800 hours. So he picked him up & put him in a cardboard with newspapers to let him dry off before releasin' him.

They then guessed that he was a kingfisher via his long beak and color as they like this species of bird alot and tried to take some pix of them awhile back... but their camera lens wasn't powerful enough for a good shot of them so high up in the air.

But at about 2000 hours, they tried to release him but he just wouldn't fly at all and there were many cats around there. So they had no choice but to bring him home and inform ACRES to help this lil' bird.

Boy was I happy I thought I was gonna have a forever bird fwen! But Mom said no... birds are meant to fly free. I wasn't even allowed to see him because Mom was afraid he would die due to stress since he's most likely injured and he couldn't really open his left eye.

ACRES arrived at about 2245 hours and their vet examined him and found an injury (a bald spot) on his head and his left eye issue. So they'll incubate and access him for recovery before releasin' him. They said they've received quite alota calls on this species these days because they're migratory birds and they've a season for their migration and its around this time of the year. He's not a baby Mom thought him to be... he's a sub-adult already... a teenager. Mom learned that they're also known as the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher due to their size.

So there goes my lil' bird... I'm glad Mom managed to snap some pix of him upclose and personal. But I don't like to look at pix, I like to look at the REAL thing.

drenched. ~ 1800 hours

2100 hours

restin' in a cardboard box

Speedy recovery and fly free soon lil' kingfisher!


Anonymous said...

Wow birdie is beautiful!! I wan to play with birdie!

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

haha me too Misty! but I bet your mommy wouldn't let u too, just like mine =[

no fair... i had my own birdee (lovebird) named Sunset and we were the best of fwens playin wit one another all day long... but Mom just wldn't let me have this one. grrr